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Maria Garcia

    Personal Information

    I am a 30-year-old professional working for an industrial publicly traded corporation that is a leading provider of engineered equipment, parts, and services for air pollution control and industrial air quality. I was born in the Philippines and came to the United States when I was 10 years old. I was never really athletic growing up and have battled my weight my whole life (my mom’s home cooked Filipino food was so delish!). Then I met the love of my life, my fiancé- he introduced me to healthy clean eating and weight lifting.  Over the last few years, I was hooked and fitness and nutrition has become an integral part of my life.



    All my life, I have always been career focused and not so much on my training/nutrition.  I wanted to find that balance in my life—personal, career, and fitness.  So, I wanted to take it up a notch and I reached out to Julie—I’ve heard so many good things and benefits to join Team Fitbody from previous competitions.  I knew I needed the motivation and strong support system to help push myself and build my confidence.  Not to mention challenging my physique by executing the programs Julie customized specifically for me.  She allowed me to push my body to the limit, and there is nothing…I mean anything better than seeing the transformation your body can make.  She consistently took my workouts to the next level and all I had to do was put in my hard work.  I love pushing my body and doing things I never thought I could do.

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    What do you enjoy most about fitness?

    Fitness is definitely my release from the stress of everyday life. If I am under a lot of pressure, working out helps calm my nerves and nothing clears my head than a good sweaty workout. My skin looks healthier, I sleep better, and I get thirstier, so I drink more water. The sense of achievement I get also sends me soaring. It’s like hitting the reset button on life. I have also met so many genuine and nicest ladies through Team Fitbody–there is a great sense of community being part of a team which makes me happy.

    What are your fitness goals?

    My fitness goals have been to build the best body possible for myself. I believe that it is important to make fitness goals specific, measurable, attainable and time-bound. Having something that I can measure and that is more tangible makes it easier for me to work towards my end goal. With that said, I would love to continue competing and potentially move on to National shows– and to also continue refining my physique by continuing to build muscle and tightening up.

    What motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

    Mental health, energy, and stamina–a healthy body rewards me with high energy levels, strength, and longevity.

    What is the best part about working with Julie?

    Julie is such an incredible coach and a role model. She motivates, inspires, and sets a great example for all the girls in the team. She helps you define your fitness goals and takes it into account your current fitness level and discusses what you want to achieve through your workouts–she then is able to help you break them down into smaller goals that are specific and realistic.

    Julie has helped me transform my body to the next level and helped me get out of comfort zone. She is extremely knowledgeable and gave me a good understanding of the importance of a good nutritional/supplementation/workout plans and everything in between. I have found that working with Julie, that I am stronger, not only physically, but mentally, that I ever thought possible. I am still learning new things each and every day. The sky is definitely the limit!

    What is the worst part about working with Julie?

    None at all. She was fantastic in every way possible and always there when you have questions.

    Favorite 'diet' food:

    UMP protein pancake with almond butter

    Any other comments or anything else you would like to share

    Never underestimate yourself. I am a perfectionist and can be very critical for myself but I have learned that what’s meant for me is for me and always try to have a positive attitude and positive energy around you.

    I would like to thank my fiancé, Bret, for being supportive during my contest prep.  He has also been a vital part in my development throughout the years we have been together.  I could not ask for a better, most loving man.


    Cincinnati, OH

    Never underestimate yourself.  In the 4 months of the FITBODY Team Program, I went from 20.6% down to 13.6% body fat.  I was so amazed and happy knowing that with hard work, I can achieve my goals!

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    Maria Garcia Bikini Competitor

    Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Maria Garcia NPC Bikini Winner

    Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Maria Garcia NPC Bikini Winner

    Working with Julie

    I have found that working with Julie, that I am stronger, not only physically, but mentally, that I ever thought possible. I am still learning new things each and every day. The sky is definitely the limit!

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