First Time Bikini Competitors Guide

First Time Bikini Competitor GuideAs a new competitor, contest prep can be incredible confusing!  There is so much information out there… much of it contradictory and downright wrong!  In my First Time Bikini Competitors Guide, I want to help get your contest prep started on the right foot.  Whether you choose to compete in NPC Bikini or want to try out some of the other organizations… WBFF Bikini, Fitness America, Bikini America, NANBF, WNBF… whichever!  There are specific things you need to know to get ready for stage.  My First Time Bikini Competitor Guide is the perfect start for a woman considering competing and will answer some of the most common questions.  Let’s get started!


Choosing a division can be difficult.  If you are reading my First Time Bikini Competitors Guide, chances are you are leaning towards Bikini.  That said, you should know the differences between the competitive divisions for a physique show.  In particular, you want to be sure to understand the differences between Figure and Bikini.  For women in the NPC there are five different options that range in the amount of muscle and definition required:  Bikini, Figure, Fitness, Women’s Physique and Bodybuilding.  

First Time Bikini Competitors Guide

Julie Lohre

Julie Lohre – Difference Between Competitive Divisions at NPC Shows


For most women, competing is a wonderful hobby and a great way to get into the best shape of your life.  Knowing what the show expenses will be ahead of time helps you keep costs under control and let’s you know what to expect.  Here are most of the show specific costs.  Depending on how long you need to prep for the show and what your current conditioning is, there may be other costs you need to take into account.  Keep in mind, you can save money in lots of places with a little creativity!

First Time Bikini Competitors Guide ShoesShow Registration: $50 + depending on the number of divisions you enter.

Cost to join organization.  See below…

Suit:  You can get a beautiful used suit for $125 +.  A new custom suit begins at $150 and can go up as high as you would like!

Clear competition heels:  $40+
— $40-$50 Ellie Competition Heels with Strap
— $30-$60 Ellie Competition Heels Mule

Tanning/Suit Adhesive:  $100-150 for full airbrush tanning on site.  To do it yourself:

— $30 for Jan Tana High Def Color & Skin Prep
— $15 for Bikini Bite for your Suit

First Time Bikini Competitors Guide – Optional Costs

If you want to save, you can do these things on your own or use what you have.

Jewelry $30 and up – Here is some of my favorite:

— Ever Faith Dangle Long
— Ever Faith Tear Drop

— NYBK 7” Bridal Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet
— Long Way Women’s Silver Plated Rhinestone Bracelets

Posing classes $75 

Competition Makeup Approx. $100+

Check out Glossa Professional Makeup Artistry 

Competition Hair Services Approx. $100+ (Generally I recommend splurging on your makeup and doing hair yourself)


There are several different competitive organizations you can choose from for Bikini!  The largest of which is the NPC or the National Physique Committee.  Here are some of the top organization and the associated costs.  These will vary depending on the show.  I suggest checking out each of the websites and seeing if there are shows in your area.

NPC – National Physique Committee
$125 Membership Fee/$75-90 Entry Fee for 1 division More if you Cross Over
National shows have an Entry Fee of $300
Divisions – Figure, Fitness, Bikini, Women’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding

Fitness America/Muscle Mania (FAP)
$50 Annual Membership Fee/$100 Regional Show Entry Fee
National Shows have a $150 Early Entry Fee up to $200 for regular entry
Website: or
Divisions – Model, Ms. Bikini, Fitness, Figure

WBFF – World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Inc
Competition Fees – $365 for First Class – $150 for Additional Classes Plus Taxes
Divisions – Diva Fitness Model, Diva Bikini Model, Figure, Commercial Model

INBF – International Natural Bodybuilding Federation
$60 Annual Membership Fee/$100 Entry Fee/$40 Polygraph Fee/$35 Crossover Fee or
Divisions – Figure, Best Body (Bikini), Ms FitBody (Physique)

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Elspeth Polt

Elspeth Polt – NPC Bikini Front Pose

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Sarah Vance

Sarah Vance – Bikini Champion

Mandy McAvoy Bikini Champion

Mandy McAvoy – Bikini Champion

Mila Merrell NPC Bikini

Mila Merrell – NPC Masters Bikini Champion

Monica Murie NPC Bikini Front Pose

Monica Murie – NPC Bikini Front Pose

Suit Trade - Buy and sell used competition suitsWHERE CAN I FIND AN AMAZING SUIT?

Depending on your budget, you have lots of options for suits.  You can rent one, buy a used suit or have a brand new one custom made just for you.  If you are planning to compete in several shows, investing in a custom suit is a great idea.  Once you have a suit you love, you can use that suit for several shows or seasons. When you decide you are finished with that suit, if you take good care of it, you can resell it for 50-75% of your purchase price.  Be sure to check out first to see if there is an amazing used competition suit that would fit your needs perfectly. is the source for classified ads for Used Competition Suits!  Matching buyers with seller and saving women hundreds of $$ in the process!

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