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Darlene Barrett

    Darlene Barrett is quite the FITBODY cover model!  This incredible 40+ mom and grandmother lives a Vegan Lifestyle and inspires her girls with both her positive Christian outlook and her incredible FITBODY!  Find out more about how she does it!

    Name: Darlene Barrett

    Hometown: Cincinnati, Oh

    Tell us yourself:
    I’m very much a Christ follower and deeply connect to family. I love being active and keeping my health front and center.

    How would you describe your fitness lifestyle?
    Weights have always been my love and cardio I make myself do . My new goals are trying to be balance with weight training cardio and stretching. The stretching part has been a must this past year.

    What do you most enjoy about fitness?
    It’s part of my life my morning routine like having my coffee , if I don’t do something active I just don’t feel that great physically and mentally

    What has helped you most reach your goals?
    It’s like anything that’s important you just keep hitting that nail. And of course, having Julie mixing it up for me!

    What has it been like sharing your fitness lifestyle with your daughters?

    Sharing with them has its ups for sure but can be difficult as well. We have fun meeting up at the gym and pushing each other! I will say don’t let your mom beat you!! Haha!

    Jessie & Darlene

    What motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
    I of course want to look as good as I can, but the older I get I realize I want to be as healthy as I can! Build bones not just muscle and keep a healthy heart( plant based for me)

    What is the best part about working with Julie?

    Geez that’s a loaded question because she is the most beautiful person inside and out. She can work through every stage you may be in your life. Very understanding and no judgement EVER !!! She knows her stuff and has figured out how to help me with my plant based eating. And she is soooo FIT!!!

    Words of wisdom for other women that want to get in shape?  What has helped you the most?
    Do something everyday even if it 10 minutes just start. Give yourself time, for me when I was at my worst it took me about three months then I had a break through and that was about 15 years ago and I haven’t stop. I don’t care what your age is TODAY is a new day.  Focus on your good habit and not your bad keep adding good and soon there won’t be room for the bad (Joyce Meyer) whether that’s your health or your spiritual growth.

    Favorite Clean Eating Food?
    I like ALL foods and that is good but sometimes that can be bad as well. I would say beans and veggies! Don’t get me wrong I do like sweets I just try to keep my sugar down. But I have those days.

    Final Thoughts?

    Darlene Barrett

    Darlene Barrett 2

    Darlene Barrett 4

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