What to expect at your first Figure show

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I am often asked what to expect with my first show.  Here is my step by step list of what you need to do!

1.  Determine which division is best for you.

2.  Choose an organization and show that you would like to compete in.

3.  Register for the show in advance and join the organization.
I highly recommend competing 2-3 times within a 4-6 week period once you are show ready.

4. What you will need in order to compete successfully:

lean physique
deep tan
ability to pose perfectly in each quarter turn
flattering presentation stance
individual presentation routine
ability to walk gracefully in your heels
great hair and make-up
have attended a contest, workshop, or viewed a video (my Ultimate Posing and Show Day Guides are a must see!)

5.  Registration and check-in

Attend the early check-in if at all possible
Your registration will be confirmed then you will be officially entered into the appropriate class.
At the contest, a competitor’s meeting will be held where contest rules and the final order of events will be discussed. Your number will be assigned. (And you’ll wait and wait).

6. Here’s what you’ll need in your gym bag to take to the show:

Your suit; stored in a zip lock freezer bag. This makes each easy to take care of and find when you need it.
Your competitor number (you will receive this at the competitor meeting)
Water and food
Make up kit
Curling iron, hair spray, etc
Bikini Bite to glue your suit on
Glaze to match your tan
ID or driver’s license for proof of age or residence
Money for emergencies
A camera for photos in the pump-up room and out doors.
Safety pins and sewing kit for emergencies
Jewelry for prejudging and evening
Back up suits (if you have one)
Bring extra sheets. You’ll need them to protect your car seats and your hotel room from tan stains.

7. Competition

Hair and make-up perfected
Bikini bite applied
Very light coat of tanning glaze


You will be lined up numerically back stage in your suit.
Your class will take the stage lined up in numerical order.

Your front stance should be positioned towards the center of the judging table.

You will do 4 basic right turns. Front, right side, rear, left side and final back to the front.

Your goal is to look polished, confidant, smile, and relaxed while you are staying tight the entire time.

You may be compared against other athletes throughout the competition. Do not rest for a second, even if you are not being directly compared. You are being judged the entire time you are on stage.

Criteria for judging: body shape, muscle shape, conditioning, grooming, beauty and presentation.

The Finals

Prepare for the finals just as you did for the prejudging: hair, make-up, Bikini Bite, pump up, glaze.

If you win your class, you will go back on stage after all classes have been presented their awards and compete against the other class winners for the Figure Overall.

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Want to know more about what to expect on your show day?  

Be sure to check out my Ultimate Posing and Show Day Guides!

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