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Real Fitness Stories – Charis Borchers

    Real Fitness Stories Charis Borchers

    I have learned so much this past year.  I’ve worked with several trainers in the past 6-7 years and learned something different from each one.  My time with Julie Lohre, by far, has been the most effective for several reasons.
    I wanted a trainer who could help me get results, but also teach me how to continue working on my own. So often, when I have lost weight, then stopped  “the program” I couldn’t seem to do it on my own, and I would gain the weight back.
    Being in my late 50’s, it’s been eye opening to learn how to keep my metabolism going strong and successfully completing workouts designed just for me.
    Many times, Julie’s workouts for me didn’t involve one single machine, so if I wanted to do the workout at home using dumb bells, I could. And the workouts have so much variety between straight lifting, circuit training, cardio drills, and stretching routines.
    The nutrition variety was so helpful to keep me interested and on track.  I also learned a lot about how to balance my protein, carbs and fats.
    After injuring my hamstring (because I tried something that was NOT in my workout for that week), Julie Lohre coached me on how to pull back my training. It was hard because mentally, I feared all my hard work would disappear. But she was right, and I’m feeling strong and ready to get back to my plan.
    In the beginning of this journey, I said that I wanted to lose 20 pounds and I didn’t care if it took a whole year. There was no wedding or vacation I was preparing for.  And that’s exactly what we did. It came off a pound at a time, and I’m building muscle to take its place. 
    But the biggest difference I’ve seen in working with Julie Lohre is how much we have communicated through the process. There were weeks when we stayed in touch every day, and others where it was just once in a while. Knowing that my coach/trainer is “just a smart phone away” makes this feel like more of a team effort.

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    Real Fitness Stories
    Charis Borchers

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