How to Get Sexy Glutes & Delts

    My butt is sagging and my shoulders are flat! How do I get sexy glutes and delts?  Do you have a simple exercise to tone them up?  I know a lot of women that struggle with finding the right butt exercises to both tighten and round.  


    Absolutely!  Sexy glutes and delts are at the top of most all fit women’s wish list.  I have been doing this fantastic Crossfit inspired exercise that is perfect for tightening the glutes while rounding out your shoulders!  Strong shoulders help your posture and give your upper body an overall sexy look.   And seriously, who doesn’t want a tight, round booty that can really fill out a pair of jeans in just the right way?

    Sound good?  Then get started toward your own sexy glutes and delts with barbell thrusters, a terrific intermediate to advanced exercise for sculpting your glutes and shoulders at the same time!

    Get Sexy Glutes and Delts with
    Crossfit Barbell Thrusters

    Crossfit Barbell Thrusters

    Want to know how to get sexy glutes and delts?

    It is best to start this exercise with a barbell loaded from a rack at shoulder level. Hold the barbell at your chest and keep your feet just slightly wider than shoulder width.

    Squat deeply maintaining the barbell at your chest (similar to a front squat) and keeping your weight in your heels. Do not allow your chest to drop forward!

    In one movement rise up, straightening your legs and driving the barbell overhead until your arms are fully extended.

    Return barbell to your chest for the first rep.

    Common Mistakes with Barbell Thrusters

    Barbell Thrusters can be a difficult exercise to perform correctly.  The most common mistake made in thrusters is to let the elbows drop from front rack position. This in turn makes the entire upper body tilt forward, shifting center of balance, and meaning the bar doesn’t just travel vertically – it’ll travel out, too, meaning you use more energy moving through planes. Keep your elbows as high up as your mobility allows to keep the movement smooth and on the vertical plane.

    Another issue is turning the barbell thruster into two movements: a front squat, then a shoulder press. The lift should be a smooth movement from the bottom of the squat to overhead, as it’s this momentum that prevent fatigue and ensure you can carry on for the prescribed reps. Before loading up, try the thruster with an empty bar or even a PVC pipe to ensure there’s no pause between the squat and overhead movement.

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