Perfect Deadlift Form

    When we are looking for an exercise that will target glutes, hamstrings and quads, the deadlift is one of my favorites!  It is also one of the most challenging lifts to get right.  With incorrect deadlift form, you can really strain your lower back!  Whether or not deadlifts are in your program right now, I want to be sure that when you are attempting this lift, you do so with the perfect deadlift form so you get the most out of the lift and stay safe!  

    Julie’s Tips for the Perfect Deadlift Form


    Perfect Deadlift Form

    ** Start Light.  Until you have mastered the form, keep your deadlift weight light.  An unloaded barbell or two lower weight dumbbells are plenty of resistance to allow you to practice form.  

    The movement:
    • Approach to the bar. Start by standing in front of the bar with your feet slightly under it.  Feet should be hips width apart and toes slightly turned out.
    • Grip the bar. As you squat down keep your arms straight and shoulder width apart, just outside of your legs.  Chest remains lifted.
    • Bend your Knees. Place the bar right at your shins but keep your hips slightly elevated.
    • Lift from your Legs. Take a big breath and begin to stand up using your legs for perfect deadlift form. Keep the bar close to your shins allowing it to follow your legs upward. Keep your shoulders and traps relaxed and down.  Straighten your back. Don’t move the bar forward or back. Don’t drop your hips. Don’t squeeze your shoulder blades.
    • Maintain Core & Gaze.  Keep your core tight as you lift up and continue to look forward through the movement, not down.  
    • Weight in the Heels.  Keep your weight pressing through your heels and hamstrings engaged as you lift up.
    • The Return.  Reverse through these steps to bring the bar back to the ground in a controlled manner.  You should allow the weights to touch the ground with each rep ensuring that you have gone through the full movement.

    Hope this helps you get the most out of the deadlift and to complete it in a safe and effective way!

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    Online Personal Training for Women

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