Real Fitness Stories

    The dirty little fitness secret behind restrictive dieting…

    You don’t have to do it to get the body you want.

    Have you followed an INSANELY RESTRICTIVE training or nutrition program in the past that allowed for no variety, no flexibility, no sodium and well… no fun?  Have you skipped family outings, passed on hanging out with friends and said “NO” so often to the foods your body was craving that it drove you (and those around you) crazy?  Have you eaten meal after meal of carefully weighed out, completely bland talapia and asparagus?  Have you even been on such a low calorie diet that you couldn’t think straight?  Have you done hours of cardio a day, wasting so much time and muscle just to see your strength and energy plummet?

    Dirty Little Fitness Secret Julie Lohre

    Check out real fitness stories from real women below!


    You would not believe the horror stories I have heard…

    • Being told to eat under 1000 calories a day and expected to do 1-2 hours of cardio.
    • Being told that absolutely no condiments are allowed or that you should cut out the little joys in life like cream for coffee.
    • Eating 8 weeks worth of the same food… being told that if you really want to win, you can ONLY have fish and asapargus or chicken and broccoli for lunch and dinner everyday. Seriously!
    • Cutting out any type of sodium for weeks at a time so all of your food is insanely bland.
    • Having a crazy trainer who punishes, yells, screams and demoralizes you to ‘motivate’ you.

    Sure… you lost a ton of weight (and a significant amount of muscle), but you’ve now damaged your metabolism in the process and ended up gaining back everything you lost as soon as you start eating ‘real food’ again and not over training! I am here to tell you, it does NOT have to be this way.

    You CAN get into the best shape of your life
    AND still actually HAVE A LIFE and BE HAPPY.

    The women I work with find a healthy balance in the process of reaching their fitness goals. One that they can turn into an active, healthy lifestyle. One that does help you make outward changes like losing fat, losing inches and achieving a more athletic look but also helps you have a STRONG HEALTHY BODY.

    Who wants to look fit but actually be very unhealthy? Shouldn’t being fit also mean that your attitude and mental state matches your appearance? Shouldn’t you FEEL healthy and strong, and in turn have a healthy mindset?

    My clients eat lots of REAL FOOD that tastes REALLY GOOD. They include recipes and have fun cooking… they even splurge a bit without guilt. They do not spend hours in the gym every day – who has time for that?!?! – but rather we find the right balance for their body where they can lose body fat, gain muscle and feel great in the process. I encourage workouts and cardio that is efficient while still being effective and “gasp” sometimes even FUN! Of course, my clients work hard and it is not always easy, but getting to your personal best should not make you feel awful. Repeat – getting to your personal best should not make you feel awful. Nor should it make you unhealthy. It should elevate your mood and help you feel amazing… inside and out. You really can do this and you don’t have to feel like you are killing yourself in the process.

    Want to find out more? I asked a few of the women that I work with to share their experience. Check out their Real Fitness Stories now and see how you can get to the best shape of your life in a healthy way with long lasting results.

    Check out these real fitness stories from real women!


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