Secrets of Ripped Abs

    Want to know how to get ripped abs? Once you have reached your goal weight, getting super defined, ripped abs whether for a contest or simply to see how cut you can get takes very strict dieting and the right amount of targeted training.

    Nutrition secrets for ripped abs:

    1. Carb cycle — I do not recommend carb cycling long term (no more than a few weeks in most cases), but to really tighten, define and get you physique ripped, few things work better than a solid carb cycling nutrition plan. I recommend starting with 3 low carb days (all carb calories coming from vegetables) and 4 days with complex carbs added in. The specific percentages and breakdown depend on your current conditioning and your specific needs. As you get closer to competition or if you reach a plateau, increase the number of low carb days and/or lower your complex carb intake on low carb days.

    2. Include protein at every meal (every two and half to three hours).

    3. If you want really ripped abs, you need to plan ahead. Prep all your food for the week, weighed out and in containers. Freeze anything to be eaten later in the week. I like to pull out the protein I need for the next day from the freezer the night before and allow it to thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

    4. The closer you get to competition, the more your protein consists of white fish only. White fish is incredibly lean and filling. It will help you tighten up even more.

    5. Cut out sugars, period.

    6. Eat all your food, even when you don’t want it, so you aren’t susceptible to cheating because you just aren’t hungry.

    7. Watch out for condiments … every gram of everything counts.

    8. Limit artificial sweeteners.

    Note: An extreme diet such as this is not usually recommended for longer than 6-8 weeks.

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