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    Fit TestDoubling your max pushups…
    Shaving 3+ mins off your 1 mile run time…

    The FITBODY Fit Test shows this happening for
    everyday in my Online Training Program.

    A few months ago, I implemented a new measure of success for my online training clients. I like to call it the FITBODY Fit Test. So, in addition to their physical measurements and photos which I have always required, I have asked them to complete my Fit Test which gives me concrete measures of their strength, flexibility and cardio vascular endurance. I love that these type of measures give me data not just about how they look but on changes in their overall fitness and health. Max pushups, a 1 mile timed run, long jump, recovery heart rate & resting heart rate, along with a sit and reach flexibility test. 

    Never did I dream how powerful this would be! I just received a check in with a woman after her first 8 week online training session. During that time, she saw great results in her measurements but the most impressive part was the incredible changes she made on the Fit Test! In the beginning, she could do 16 pushups. 8 weeks later, she did 30 in a row without resting! She ran the mile in 13:18… 8 weeks later, she ran it in 9:58! Even her long jump improved by 5+ inches!

    It is one thing to lose weight. Most people can crash diet and lose some weight on the scale. It is a whole different ball game to become a fitter and healthier person. To be better at life in general because you are faster, stronger and your heart rate recovers quicker. Those are the true measures of fitness and what I strive to help my clients accomplish every day.

    Ready to give the FITBODY Fit Test a try?


    Being fit is way more than just weight a certain number on a scale or fitting into a specific clothing size. Flexibility, endurance, and strength are important indicators of progress. As I begin working with women in my online personal training program, I ask them to complete my FITBODY Fit Test, then we repeat it every 4 weeks to see the changes that are happening.

    Are you up to the challenge?  Here is what you need to do…

    FITBODY Fit Test Exercise 1:  Resting Heart Rate

    You want to be as relaxed as possible for this one. Sit quietly for 2 mins, then record your heart rate, by simply taking the pulse at your wrist or neck and using a stop watch.

    FITBODY Fit Test Exercise 2:  Pushups

    Perform as many pushups as you can without stopping and while maintaining good form. This means body tight and straight, hands in a neutral position beneath your shoulders and on your feet. If you cannot perform a pushup on your feet, then drop to your knees and record how many you do there.

    FITBODY Fit Test Exercise 3: 1 mile Run for Time

    On a safe, relatively flat road or on a treadmill, run as fast as you can for 1 mile. Record your time. (It is fine if you have to walk/run to complete a full mile). Just do the best you can and record it.

    FITBODY Fit Test Exercise 4: Heart Rate Recovery

    Immediately following your 1 mile run, measure your heart rate at the following intervals to see how quickly your heart rate returns to resting:

    Immediately following exercise
    30 seconds post exercise
    60 seconds post exercise
    90 seconds post exercise
    120 seconds post exercise
    3 mins post exercise
    4 mins post exercise

    Sit and Reach Test Fitbody Fit Test

    FITBODY Fit Test Exercise 5:  Sit & Reach Test

    This test measures flexibility in your lower back and hamstrings. Procedure: You will need a tape measure and adhesive tape.
    A. Lay the tape measure on the floor and place a piece of adhesive tape across the tape measure at the 15 inch mark.
    B. Without your shoes on, sit on the floor with your heels at the tape line, about 12 inches apart and the zero mark of the ruler toward your body.
    C. Keep your knees completely straight and hands together as you reach forward as far as possible.
    D. Hold the farthest position for 3 seconds. Do not bounce or allow one hand to reach further than the other.
    E. Repeat this test 3 times and record your farthest reach.

    FITBODY Fit Test Exercise 6: Standing Long Jump

    Using a tape measure, line out 7 feet on the ground. Stand with your feet next to one another at the 0’ mark and take a long bound forward as far as you can. Record your jump length.

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    Online Personal Training for women

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    Online Personal Training for Women

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