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Mitchie De Leon

    Personal Information

    I am a weight loss warrior formerly a heavy girl at 215 lbs (size 14) to a healthy girl at 129 lbs (size 2) who leads by example and inspires other men and women to empower them to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

    I was a fit girl growing up and played basketball in high school. During college, I gained 50 lbs. and struggled with being a full time student and working part time.  I kept the weight on all through college and realized my weight had gotten out of control in 2003. I began to take action by going to a weight support group and going to the gym and lost some weight.  In 2007, my mom passed away from health related issues from diabetes, hypertension and suffered a massive heart attack. My mom’s passing was the biggest wake up call for me. I lost mom who was my best friend.I decided I didn’t want to have the same ailments she suffered. Since that time, I’ve made fitness part of my life. I am now at a healthy weight and loving the fit lifestyle.  I also am intentional in inspiring and motivating others to take charge of their health by blogging about my experiences, encouraging others and providing resources for better healthy living.

    I have learned from the ground up the importance of having a balance nutrition plan including portion control and making better food choices.  I am your all around fitness enthusiast now training for bodybuilding.  I am an avid boxer, cyclist, gym rat, a fan of clean eating and love to ride my motorcycle.

    What are your greatest fitness accomplishments so far?

    NPC Muscle Contest First competition placed 11th out of 23 ladies in my class.
    Original body fat 43%. Now 20%.
    Original weight 215, now 129.
    SHAPE magazine, Body Transformation feature.


    In the past year, I have lost 32 lbs and 6% body fat.  overall, I’ve lost 85 lbs and 23% body fat.
    The essential components that helped me make my transformation are my mindset, diet and workouts.  I had to make sure that all three factors were balanced at all times. If I train my mind, my body will follow. I always made time to think about my goals, readjust my goals and create short term goals attainable and kept me accountable to take the next level up.  For example, one of my goals was to lose 10% of my weight. My next goal was to lose 20 lbs. and so on.  I learned how to eat cleaner foods, cook better and try new recipes.  I always switched my workouts every 8-12 weeks to create muscle confusion and tried many new things such as Tahitian dancing, boxing, cycling, running and so on.

    What do you enjoy most about fitness?

    Mostly I enjoy sharing my story to inspire others to live healthier. The more I can be used to help others, I feel my purpose and passion is being fulfillied.

    What are your fitness goals?

    I want to be a fitness model, win 1st place in my bikini class and go PRO!

    What motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

    I’m motivated by remembering where I started and where I am now. I’m motivated by the many people who are inspired by my story.

    What is the best part about working with Julie?

    The BEST part is the moments I share my progress report and receive feedback. Her knowledge is important for me to get to the next level.

    What is the worst part about working with Julie?

    Because I live in CA and she’s on the East Coast, I wish we lived closer so I can be trained by her in person.  I’d love to be able to meet her someday and personally say thank you!

    Favorite 'diet' food:

    oatmeal hands down! I can’t wait for oatmeal in the morning!

    Any other comments or anything else you would like to share

    You can also read more about my progress, blogs and news on my bodyspace: mitchieds on, like my fan page on Facebook at Mitchie De Leon Fitness or follow me on twitter: Mitchieds.


    Long Beach, CA

    I’m motivated by remembering where I started and where I am now. I’m motivated by the many people who are inspired by my story.

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    Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Mitchie DeLeon

    Working with Julie

    Her knowledge is important for me to get to the next level.

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