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Allison Schlegel


    So you think your contest prep is tough??? 

    Occasionally someone does something so amazing that I can’t help but share their experience with others. I am working with an incredible woman right now who just competed in the INBF Iraq Bodybuilding and Figure show. We all know the kind of work and dedication it takes to get to stage and the obstacles that you must over come. However, this woman is in the Army, was deployed to Iraq…and went through her entire contest prep there while serving our country.  Talk about MY HERO!!!

    Periodically, she cannot get to a gym, so we came up with an exercise program that can done without traditional weights. I will occasionally get an e-mail saying that she could not get to the gym (none there!) but she did 500 walking lunges and 200 pushups followed by a full gear run for cardio. We know how hard it is to stick to a contest diet when you are in control of preparing your food, imagine the difficulties involved when you have to head to the Mess hall for your 3 squares each day.  With this kind of determination it is no surprise that Allison not only WON the Overall in Figure, but also entered the women’s Bodybuilding category and won that Overall as well.

    From now on, any time I think… it is too hard to find the right food, I am just too tired to get my cardio/workout/routine practice in, I am just too busy, etc. etc. I will think about Allison and know that if she can do it, Army food and all, then I have NO EXCUSES!

    Congratulations Allison!



    Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Allison SchlegelUSMC




    Julie Lohre FITBOD Profile Allison Schlegel


    Julie Lohre FITBOD Profile Allison Schlegel

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