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Courtney McKenzie

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    I am a 28 year-old speech-language pathologist. I work at an elementary school where I provide speech and language services to many wonderful students. I have always lead an active lifestyle, but have become much more focused in my fitness goals over the last couple of years. The most important thing I have learned is the importance of eating a clean diet. Not so long ago, I would eat “junk” on a daily basis! I loved fast food, sweets, and buffets. I never thought that I would have the self-discipline it takes to steer clear from these indulgences. With some trial and error, I have developed a habit of clean eating and have discovered I have a self-discipline I never knew existed!

    What are your greatest fitness accomplishments so far?

    My greatest fitness accomplishment has been the improvements I made to my body in one year. Last year, I competed for the first time in the bikini division and placed fifth. One year later, I competed again and placed third, of which I am very proud.  I actually weighed approximately 10 pounds heavier for my second competition, but looked a ton better!  


    Remaining consistent with my training and diet have been the biggest contributors in helping me reach my fitness goals. That’s not to say that I don’t splurge and eat pizza sometimes, or have an off-day at the gym. Those things definitely happen- but I don’t allow myself to make a habit of them!

    What do you enjoy most about fitness?

    I enjoy being competitive with myself. I like to break personal bests, and am constantly working to push my body to the next level.

    What are your fitness goals?

    My goal is to compete in a national show within the next couple of years.

    What motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

    The results I see in the mirror motivate me to eat clean and train hard.

    What is the best part about working with Julie?

    There are lots of good things about Julie! To begin, she definitely knows her stuff. Also, she doesn’t hand out “cookie-cutter” diets and workout plans. She specifically tailors your plans to meet your needs. Additionally, Julie is always quick to answer my many, many questions. And perhaps the aspect that I have appreciated most of working with Julie is that she has shown me a HEALTHY way to achieve my fitness goals.


    Favorite 'diet' food:

    Natural peanut butter!!


    Owingsville, KY

    I enjoy being competitive with myself. I like to break personal bests, and am constantly working to push my body to the next level.

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    Courtney Mackenzie

    Courtney Mckenzie

    Courtney McKenzie

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