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    The road to success is paved with a good training strategy. Learn how to advance your workout regimen the right way and you’ll get the results you want. Trainer and IFBB fitness pro Julie Lohre has an all-out four-week training plan using two of the most powerful body sculptors: supersets and Tabata. “By combining Tabata training with supersets, you get an efficient workout that builds both strength and stamina,” Lohre says. The payoff? A sleek upper body and tight, defined abs, glutes, and legs. Bonus: Each workout takes only about 45 minutes. Lohre says as you progress through this training program, try to increase your weights while maintaining the reps and rest times. “Ideally you’ll want to add 5% to 10% to the weights that you are using within a four-week period.”  Check out this latest Muscle & Fitness Hers Workout!

    DAY 1: DELTS & ABS

    Superset 1 (4 sets)
    Overhead Barbell Push Press – 15 Reps
    Hand to Elbow Planks – 10 Reps

    Superset 2 (4 sets)
    Dumbbell Full Range Lateral Raises – 10 Reps
    Medicine Ball Oblique Twists – 10 Reps each side

    Superset 3 (4 sets)
    Upright Barbell Row – 10 Reps
    Frog Crunch – 10 Reps

    Superset 4 (4 sets)
    Inverted Pushups – 10 Reps
    Plank Position Knee Drives – 10 Reps


    Tabta training provides similar benefits to cardio workouts but allows you to max ou the “work” from a particular exercise in a short time frame. For this high-intensity interval training, perform the reps in a controlled quick manner. Go hard for 40 seconds on each leg (that’s one set), then rest for 40 seconds before starting again. For each of the below exercises, complete 5 sets of that specific exercise before moving on to the next exercise.

    Exercise 1:  Weighted Plie Squats
    Exercise 2:  Standing Glute Pulses with Ankle Theraband

    Exercise 3:  Bicep Barbell Curl
    Exercise 4:  Figure Four with Liftoff and Single Leg Squat
    Exercise 5:  Ballet Side Leg Raises

    Exercise 6:  45 Degree Bicep Curls


    Begin with a pushup warmup: Complete 50 pushups, taking breaks when you need them.

    Complete each superset below by doing one set of each exercise before resting.  

    Superset 1 – (4 sets)
    Dumbbell Flye with Glute Lift – 10 Reps
    Bent Over Row – 10 Reps

    Superset 2 – (4 sets)
    Incline Barbell Chest Press – 10 Reps
    Ab Flutter Kick – 20 Reps

    Superset 3 – (4 sets)
    Strict or Assisted Pull up – 10 Reps
    Full Sit up  -10 Reps

    Superset 4 – (4 sets) 
    Four Count Pushup – 10 Reps
    This is a traditional pushup, just done slowly, hands chest width on floor. Take four counts to lower down to where your chest just grazes the floor, then four counts to return to full plank position.
    Lying Leg Raise – 10 Reps


    See description on Day 2, doing 40 seconds on and 40 off.   

    Exercise 1:  Box Squat
    Exercise 2:  Walking Lunge

    Exercise 3:  Triceps Bench Dip
    Exercise 4:  Leg Press
    Exercise 5:  Stiff Leg Deadlift

    Exercise 6:  Tricep Kickback

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