Personal Tune Up – Something to Sweat About

    This is such a wonderful time to consider all of the blessings in your life.  Health, family, a strong body, the ability to love and be loved.  

    I want you to take a little time to reflect and give yourself a personal fitness tune up.  By focusing on you training and clean eating you are giving your body the energy it needs to maintain peak performance.  Even on the toughest days, you can find it within yourself to stay in gear. 

    Take a few minutes to consider the questions below.

    1.  Knowing what gives you the most energy when you hit a wall will help you avoid the crash altogether.  Consider the last time you felt tired.  How did you get more energy?  Was it effective or is there something else you could try next time?

    2.  FOOD IS YOUR FUEL.  Powering up with the building blocks of clean eating at the right time is the key.  Do you eat every two to three hours?  How can you plan your meals so that your body is getting the fuel it needs to replenish your energy stores?

    3.  You know that your training sessions are a source of energy.  Also, scheduling your workouts at the right time maximizes your gym time.  For one week, pay close attention to the time of day that you have the most energy and schedule your sessions accordingly.  At what time of day do you have the least energy?  Consider adding a few quick exercises to boost your energy during these times.  


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