Glute and Ab Exercises for Women

    Ready to shape your booty and abs?  Well, it is time to get to work with my FITBODY Glutes and Ab exercises for women.   You want to add in moves that will rock the glute muscles to both add roundness and to tighten and firm your backside while strengthening your core.   Below you will find some of my favorite glute and ab exercises.  With each movement make sure you really focus on your glutes and concentrate the movement.  All you need is a theraband and a set of dumbbells for these do anywhere glute and ab moves.

     Here are 4 ab and glute exercises that will help you get rockin glutes & abs for the new year!  Add these new exercises to your usual workout schedule.  Be sure to engage your core with each movement and hold your abs in tightly.

    Low Squat Side Step with Band


     Low Squat Side Step with Band Low Squat Side Step with Band

    Start by tying off a theraband around your ankles so there is a small amount of resistance with your feet shoulder width apart. While holding a dumbbell in each hand, squat deeply keeping your weight even through your feet. Maintain that low squat as you step to the side for 4 steps and back 4 steps to return to your starting position.

    **Julie’s tip –  It is easy to allow your chest to dip forward in this movement.  Be sure to look straight ahead and keep your chest lifted while staying strong and keeping your core contracted.

    Lift Off Lunge

    Lift Off LungeLift Off Lunge 3

    Hold dumbbells out to the sides at a right angle with your elbows bent for this great glute exercise.  Step back into a deep lunge keeping your arms lifted.  As you stand up from the lunge, drive the back foot forward and upward to a momentary balancing hold.  At the same time, extend your arms straight with dumbbells meeting over head.  Continue to the next rep by stepping straight back down to the lunge position.

    **Julie’s tip – Be sure that your front knee does not push forward over your toes in the back lunge position.  This will protect your knee joint and allows you to involve your quadriceps in the movement.  


    Dancers Side Bend with Knee Lift

    Dancers Side Bend with Knee Lift Dancers Side Bend with Knee Lift 2

    This combination ab exercise is simple, but very effective.  Stand tall with arms lifted overhead, slightly leaning to one side and with one foot slightly behind the other, toes turned under so that your shoe laces are close to the ground.  Pull up and over to come to a small bend on the opposite side really feeling the oblique ab muscles.  At the same time, lift your back leg upward, bending at the knee.

    **Julie’s tip – Take this movement SLOWLY!  At the top, pause in a balance for a moment really engaging your oblique abdominal muscles.

    Standing Oblique Side Bends

    Standing Oblique Bends Standing Oblique Bends

    Really more for the core and obliques, begin standing straight up with a dumbbell in each hand.  Slowly bend to one side allowing the dumbbell on that side to skim gently down your outer thigh.  Using your oblique muscles pull back up to center before bending to the other side.

    **Julie’s tip – Don’t forget to breathe here as you move through some of the best Glute and Ab Exercises for Women!  Take this movement slowly and go down through a full exhale and rise back up on a slow inhale.

    Glute and Ab Exercises for Women

    Model:  Kathryn Fauver

    Photographer:  Rick Lohre Photography

    Makeup:  Glossa Professional Makeup Artistry

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