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    Being a fit mom is so much more than looking a certain way or having some incredible six pack abs or bikini body.  Fit moms are an example not just to their kids but to everyone around them about the importance of health and fitness.  They prioritize, they sacrifice, they work hard.  They get up before anyone in the house is awake to make sure they fit in a great workout.  Fit moms take care of their bodies so they have energy, feel good and have a more positive attitude about life in general.  I am excited to celebrate some of my favorite FITBODY Fit Mom stories!

    Fit Mom Chris Trimpey

    Amanda Wilson

    Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Jonelle Baglia

    Mila Merrell

    Fit Mom Darlene Barrett

    Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Karen Tollefson

    Tamara Sultia

    Chelsea Fugate Feature

    NPC Figure Competitor Dana Taggart

    Fit Mom Alexis Fourman

    Fit Mom Stacey Beers

    “When I became a mom, my life changed forever.  My focus changed, my heart changed and yes my body changed.  Nothing in the world could have prepared me for the overwhelming love and devotion I would feel toward my son.  Knowing that this tiny miracle from God had been entrusted to my care… well the best way I have ever been able to describe the feeling of having a child is to say that God literally took a piece of my heart and my husband’s and formed this perfect angel.  Of course I want the best for him.

    Being fit and healthy had never been more important to me that it became when I knew that I had my son watching how I spent my time and what I ate.  I wanted him to grow up knowing that a strong, healthy, fit body was important and that the lifestyle choices you make have a significant impact.  I wanted him to see the power of fruits and vegetables.  To know what foods could fuel his body and what foods could cause health problems down the road.  I knew the example I set throughout his youth would be with him for the rest of his life.  

    I workout, eat healthy and maintain a BALANCED lifestyle because I want to feel great and be healthy for the long run.  But I also know that I am my son’s first example and one of the strongest influences on his thought process behind fitness and nutrition.  THIS IS WHY I AM A FIT MOM.”

    Julie Lohre

    Julie Lohre
    Online Personal Trainer
    Fit Mom

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