Time to earn your Turkey! Thanksgiving Day Workout

    Happy Thanksgiving! I want you to know how thankful I am that you have visited! I will cut to the chase… I have a challenge for you. Set aside whatever workout you are scheduled to do tomorrow and I challenge you to complete this insane holiday fat burning free for all!! This workout is going to test your strength, your stamina and they might even bring you to tears. Listen to your body and don’t get hurt, but know that the harder you push, they better you will feel when it is all over.

    God Bless


    Time to earn your turkey!!

    Begin with 5 mins of light cardio activity to warmup your body and then stretch your whole body (total 10 mins)

    The workout begins…

    Row 1000 meters – Alternative if you do not have a rower, run 1 mile (outdoors/track or on a treadmill)

    Round 1:

    30 Barbell Box Squats (70% of your 1RM)

    30 Handstand Pushups or Inverted Pushups (Hips High)

    1 min Plank Hold

    30 Burpees

    Rest 1 min

    Round 2:

    30 Leg Press (70% of your 1RM)

    30 Barbell Push Press (70% of your 1RM)

    30 Full Situps

    30 Jumping Jacks

    Rest 1 min

    Round 3:

    30 Stiff Leg Barbell Deadlifts (70% of your 1RM)

    30 Bench Dips Full Depth

    30 Lying Leg Raises

    30 Squat Jumps

    Rest 1 min

    Round 4:

    100 Pushups – Chest touches the floor each time

    End workout with 1000 meter row or 1 mile run

    Not familiar with some of the exercises? Check out my Exercise Library.
    Inverted Pushup Mod 1

    Inverted Pushup Hips High

    Barbell Box Squat

    Barbell Box Squat

    Bench Dips

    Bench Dips

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