FITBODY Booty Blasting AT HOME Workout

    About the workout...

    Snowed in? Don’t have time to get to the gym? Well, grab your bands and get your booty shaking with this at home full body workout. Guaranteed to make you sweat and to kick your booty! This is an advanced workout that should not be done more than twice a week.

    Warmup for 5 mins followed by 5 mins of stretching


    Round 1:

    100 Free Deep Squats (be sure to drop your hips to 90 degrees or below with each and every squat)
    30 Handstand Pushups or Inverted Pushups (Hips High)
    1 min Plank Hold
    30 Burpees
    Rest 1 min


    Round 2:

    30 Single Leg Lunges off a Bench (on each side)
    30 Band Over Head Shoulder Presses
    30 Full Situps
    30 Jumping Jacks
    Rest 1 min


    Round 3:

    50 Bench Rebounds (jump up onto a flat, stable surface)
    30 Bench Dips with feet elevated if possible
    30 Lying Leg Raises
    30 FAST Squat Jumps
    Rest 1 min


    Round 4:

    100 Pushups – Chest touches the floor each time
    End workout with a 1 mile or 8 min run/8 mins of cardio of your choice

    Get your booty into shape...

    With this at home workout!

    great booty workout

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