Best Foods for Building Muscle

    They say that a lean tight six pack is built in the kitchen, which is totally true, but did you know that building lean muscle also starts in the kitchen? Want to know what are the Best Foods for Building Muscle?  To really help you build muscle, foods have to have a good amount of protein to help build and repair muscle and other tissue.  They also need healthy fats to reduce inflammation and encourage proper hormone levels along with the right micronutrients and vitamins to support overall health and well being.  Here are my top choices for the 6 best foods for building muscle.

    Best Foods for Building Muscle #1 – Wild-Caught Salmon

    Loaded with protein and omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is a power house food when it comes to building and maintaining lean muscle.  Rich in nutrients like selenium, vitamin D, B12 and niacin too it packs a powerful punch.  

    When possible, choose wild-caught salmon instead of farm raised.  Believe it or not, farm raised salmon contains about 30% more calories than wild-caught salmon with almost the same amount of protein, but half the fat.  Farm raised salmon have three times as much saturated fat as wild-caught.  Wild-caught salmon also has more calcium, iron, potassium, zinc with less sodium.  

    Best foods for building muscle salmon

    Best Foods for Building Muscle #2 – Eggs

    Loaded with protein and omega-3 fatty acids, eggs pack a super nutritious punch and should be part of your diet if adding lean muscle is important to you.  

    While egg whites are great, don’t always skip the yolk which is packed with choline, folate, zine, phosphorus and Vitamins D & A.  Egg yolks do contain a significant portion of daily cholesterol, so your best bet is to have 1 whole egg along with 2-3 egg whites.  

    A satisfying bonus… people who eat eggs for breakfast report significantly lower hunger throughout the rest of the day.

    best foods for building muscle - Eggs

    Best Foods for Building Muscle #3 – Ultimate Muscle Protein

    Ready for the best protein powder for women on the market today?  Beverly International’s Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) is an incredible tasting powdered drink mix made from the highest quality protein sources. Designed to help you lose bodyfat, gain strength and muscle while increasing your metabolism. Adding UMP to your daily meal plan will not only cut those sweet cravings, it will keep you fueled with the energy and strength for all that life throws at you.

    Best of all, you can cook with Ultimate Muscle Protein to make some of my favorite recipes.  

    You can get it now at the best price on the web at

    Julie Lohre Protein Pancakes

    Best Foods for Building Muscle #4 - Almonds

    Truly nature’s candy, almonds provide a beautiful array of nutrients and are perfect for building lean, tight muscle.  Almonds pack a ton of healthy unsaturated fats to satisfy hunger and provide energy, protein for repairing and building muscle along with a healthy dose of fiber to alleviate spikes in appetite and to help you feel full longer.  

    Almonds are also one of the best sources of alpha-tocopherol vitamin E—the form that’s best absorbed by your body.

    Best Foods for Building Muscle Almonds

    Best Foods for Building Muscle #5 - Sweet Potatoes

    Let us not forget the importance of complex carbs in our quest to build muscle without gaining bodyfat!  One of my favorite best foods for building muscle is the sweet potato with fewer calories per serving than most other complex carbs, a lower glycemic index number for slower digestion, upwards of 8 g of fiber per serving and a huge amount of muscle building potassium, the sweet potato is my choice for best complex carb.  

    Best Foods for Building Muscle sweet potato

    Best Foods for Building Muscle #6 - Lean Beef

    For decades, beef has remained at the #1 top of the list for best muscle-building foods.  The is for good reason! Lean Beef contains a muscle building combination of protein, essential amino acids, B-vitamins, and creatine.
    Beef also contains a mixture of saturated fats, which helps support healthy testosterone levels (yes even in women), as well as monounsaturated fat, for heart heath.
    Added benefit – people who eat more red meat report feeling lower levels of anxiety and stress, according to a research study from the University of Melbourne.

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