12% bodyfat lost in 10 weeks… it is possible!

    Best of all – I did it in a healthy way without being hungry!   

    In 10 weeks, I have transformed my body!  I have lost 22 lbs going from 162 down to 140 and taken my bodyfat from 25% down to 13%!!!  But the changes go way beyond just the physical.  I have never felt more confident!

    Stacy HudsonStacy HudsonStacy Hudson

    The best part about this whole experience is that I’ve never felt more happy and comfortable in my skin and the fact that I did this and did this the right way makes it even better!  Push yourself hard and work for what you want and each day your own capability surprises you! The way you feel inside is the best and the outside is just a perk!!

    Stacy Hutson is part of the FITBODY Contest Prep Team.  To find out more, check it out HERE!


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