FITBODY Contest Prep Team

2014 FITBODY Contest Prep Team

Looking for an incredibly motivating team experience to take you into shows at your best?
I offer 2 teams a year, the Spring Team begins in Jan and the Fall Team begins in August.

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Are you ready to take your body to the next level & be a part of one of the most motivational contest prep teams in the country?  Have you always dreamed of competing in a Figure or Bikini Competition and are ready to get serious? You really can transform your body and show off your incredible results at upcoming Competitions!

The FITBODY Contest Prep Team consists of women dedicated to taking their physiques to a whole new level and coming into Figure or Bikini shows at their personal best. Through a combination of individual attention and group meetings, women will get expert advice about their personal needs and team support for motivation and overall success!

This program includes:

– Full workout plans (weight training and cardio) that change along with your body.

– Nutrition & supplement recommendations based on your personal needs.

– Personal advice about your physique to help emphasize your strengths and bring up your weaknesses.

– Together we will assess your physique as your body changes over the weeks and determine which shows/divisions you will be most competitive in.

– Each team member will have the opportunity to meet individually with Julie for 3-4 consultations throughout the training period

– Tracking with 9 site body comp analysis and measurements to assess your progress

Group Meetings occur approximately every 3 weeks on Saturdays and will help you stay motivated to reach your goals and provide you with a support system! You will be part of an incredibly motivating and determined team, sharing experiences and ideas with other women just like you! Group sessions will take place in Northern Kentucky and will cover:

– Posing, Posing, and more posing!

– Goal Setting & Motivation

– Team Challenges with Prizes!

– Stage Presence

– Contest Tanning

– Hair & Makeup for stage as well as fitness modeling

– Suit & Shoe Selection

– Final Week Preparation Plan

– Cardio & Training techniques for the Figure & Bikini athlete

– Nutrition for the Figure, Fitness & Bikini athlete


– You will experience an exclusive Fitness Photoshoot with Commercial Fitness Photographer, Rick Lohre to capture your show condition and build your personal portfolio.

– My team program includes a dress rehearsal and mock competition as well!

Sarah Vance

Julie Lohre No Nonsense Magazine Cover Jonelle Baglia

Hyla Conrad

Contact for a detailed schedule and to reserve a spot on the team.

Behind the Scenes at the Team FITBODY Photo Shoots

Julie Lohre\'s Team FITBODY Fitness PhotoshootsTeam Photoshoot Behind the scenesKristen McSorley Figure Competitor



What the FITBODY Contest Prep Team women are saying...

NPC Bikini Champion Elspeth PoltI am so grateful for joining Julie’s Team Fitbody. Even though I have been competing in the NPC for a couple years now, I had never really experienced the ‘team’ aspect, and I have to say I really enjoyed it! I made lasting friendships, and was completely inspired by the other women on the team. Julie’s guidance and knowledge were invaluable. She is an incredible mentor and friend, and I put full faith in her training methods. Whether you are new to the sport or have competed before, you are sure to gain something positive from working with Julie.

Elspeth Polt – National NPC Bikini Competitor

NPC Bikini Competitor Katherine WhiteI can’t stress enough how much Julie’s FITBODY Contest Prep Team has really changed my life. Yes, you learn everything you hope to about bikini and figure competitions and such but, what you take from this program is so much more. You will build lasting relationships both with your coach and team mates that will last a life time!

Katherine White – NPC Bikini Competitor

Jill Woolwine FeatureDoing the FITBODY Contest Prep Team with Julie was the best experience of my life!  I have learned so much and have never looked or felt better. I highly recommend it to any women who have the desire to live a healthy life style! I cannot wait to start another program with Julie!

Jill Woolwine – Figure Competitor

Kathryn Fauver FeatureJulie is wonderful. She always has a smiling face and is always so encouraging and motivating. Working with Julie has made my experience for preparing for my first competition so fun. I am very thankful that I’ve gotten to work with her!  Also, being a part of Julie’s Team Fitbody provided me with so much support from other women with similar goals to my own.

Kathryn Fauver – IFPA Pro Bikini Competitor

Kristen McSorelyIf you are looking to meet other women who have similar fitness goals, and share the same lifestyle I would recommend working with Julie in the FITBODY Contest Prep Team Program. The atmosphere during team meetings is something that you can’t get everywhere. It is uplifting to meet up with your team mates and celebrate everyone’s fitness goals, as well as sharing advice and recommendations about spicing up your food and trying new things. Good luck to all of you that are working towards a healthier lifestyle, it pays off in more ways than one. Trust the process!

Kristen McSorely – First Time Figure Competitor

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Bess Byron

Julie has been a true joy to work with!!  I know all of her clients feel the same way!!  She cares about us all and really knows her stuff!!  I am so thankful I found out about her because she is responsible for my fitness success!!  Being a part of her Fitbody Team has been such a rewarding part of my journey!!  I have met some amazing women and I know I have made some lifelong friendships!!!

Bess Byron


Kalyn Friddle Team FITBODY

I could not imagine going through this process without Julie and my FITBODY teammates!  Julie’s constant support, motivation, and encouragement have pushed me farther than I could ever imagine. Not to mention her amazing energy when you get to check in with her.  I love walking into Lohre Studios and seeing Julie’s smiling face and getting a hug!  Julie pushes me to be my best for competition but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle year round.

Kalyn Friddle

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Katie CraigEffective workouts and meal plans. Team meetings to discuss everything from how to make chicken taste good to what bikini bite is all about. Posing, make-up, and tanning advice for show day. Fun photo shoots! Support from teammates that became friends and now I see as family. The women I met through this team changed my life. What an incredible experience!If you are new to the sport or a veteran looking for expert advice and to meet positive women, this is the perfect team for you. A priceless experience that I feel blessed to have been a part of!

Katie Craig

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Nikki Sillings headshotThis was the most amazing experience of my life. Not only becoming a part of a close-knit group of women with the same goals, but I achieved amazing results!  There are so many amazing aspects about working with Julie. The most refreshing thing is knowing that she is not like other trainers. She is not harsh with her critique, yet still motivating and empowering. When I walked into the first team meeting, I immediately felt like family. Julie is always available to answer any questions that I might have. I tend to get anxious before my body comp testing, as if I haven\’t achieved what I was hoping for. But, her kind words are always so reassuring.  I believe each person has a true “God given talent”, and this is definitely Julie\’s.

Nikki Sillings

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Alena WadsworthJulie is a absolute gem! She truly cares about the needs of each of her team members and makes working with her the best experience one can have!

Alena Wadsworth

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Sarah GisiJulie is a wonderful coach.  I had no idea I would get step by step instructions through contest prep and feel so confident by the end.  Julie definitely exceeds my expectations for a coach.  She gives you all the tools you need.  Julie is not just a coach but a leader, friend, and kind hearted person.  Julie truly cares about each client and wants nothing but success for each.   This doesn’t mean she expects 1st place finishes out of everyone each time, it means you improve and bring your best you to the table.  If you bring the best you, you already won.

Sarah Gisi

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Nora DraytonShe is the most positive supportive person I’ve ever met. Every time I came in contact with her I always left with a renewed motivation to kick butt just a little harder.

Nora Drayton

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Gloria SwitzerJulie actually cares.   She cares about each and every client as if we were family.  Yes, she wants us to look good but she is also concerned about our health, physical and mental.  She understands we are all individuals and we all cannot follow a “cookie cutter” diet and exercise plan.  She takes the time and gets to know us.  She knows our weaknesses and strengths.  She pushes us when we need it and she’s there to pick us up and wipe our tears when we fall.  I have never in my life met a more remarkable woman.

Gloria Switzer

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Rachel GandolphI love the fact that Julie only works with women. It is great because she knows exactly how a woman\’s body responds to diet and training. There are some things men just can\’t relate to, and Julie can totally relate! I am so thankful to have met Julie, she is a amazing trainer and even better person! I could have never done this without her, Thank you Julie!!

Dr. Rachael Gandolph

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Dawn ReichleyShe genuinely cares about you achieving your goals as much as you do.  Julie is always there to support her clients and answer questions it’s like having a cheerleader by your side rooting you on.

Dawn Reichley – IFBB Figure Pro

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Hyla ConradI love this team so much I have done it twice!! You receive excellent healthy nutrition and training programs, designed specifically for you for your personal journey through contest prep. Julie helps you all the way through- prep to show day and after show- from posing to suit selection, tanning, to pump up snack! Everything is customized to what fits and works for you. Words cannot express what this program has done for me, and the lifelong friendships I have made. It\’s awesome!!!

Hyla Conrad – WBFF Fitness Diva Pro

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Melissa JacksonJulie has to be one of the most sincere people I have ever met. She honestly cares about her clients and their goals. I completely respect her as a person and a trainer. I can\’t imagine not having her expertise guidance over the years.

Melissa Jackson – NPC Masters Figure Competitor

Julie Lohre FITBODY Profile Helene WilsonThere is something about working with someone that is destined to do what they are doing.  That is Julie.  She not only has the experience and knowledge – she still leads by example and never asks us to do something that she hasn\’t done.

Helene Wilson


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