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Julie Lohre

Now What?!?
How this IFBB Pro successfully made the post competition transition from 
competing to simply living a FITBODY Life everyday.

What I really ate today…

I hate when people think that a fitness model diet has to be boring and super restrictive!   While yes, it is important that I stay in the best possible shape year round, I LOVE food!  Check out what I really eat…

Muscle & Fitness Hers Workout Feature

Muscle & Fitness Hers Featured Workout

Recently, Julie Lohre’s Tabata and Superset 4 week workout plan was featured in Muscle & Fitness Hers!  Jump in and get started with this plan that will get you the results you want right away!

10 Week Transformation

Making incredible changes to your physique takes hard work and dedication.  Tai Moultrie-Korn is a perfect example of what is possible in 10 weeks of very hard work and training!

Competition Show Day Essentials

Competition Show Day Essentials

Competing in Bikini or Figure?  Make sure you have everything you need for show day!!!  Here are Julie’s top products to help you step on stage at your personal best.  Check out these true essentials!  

Issue XIV - Women's Fitness Magazine

Julie Lohre

Women’s Fitness Magazine – Julie Lohre

Beverly International Glutamine Select

Supplement Spotlight – Glutamine Select

“Love this stuff!  The product description goes into the why’s and wherefore’s, but for me it boils down to this: I am less sore, recover faster, and don’t get sick as often when I use this as opposed to any other glutamine, BCAA, or combination supplement I have tried to date. The effect seems to be the same whether I take it before, during, or right after my workout. If I had to purchase just one Beverly product to use, this would be it. “
Reviewed by: Nancy Anne Martin from Wichita Falls, TX. on 1/15/2015

Online Personal Training for Women

Online Personal Training for Women

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