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Tricep Kickback

    Tricep Kickback

    Julie Lohre

    Begin the tricep kickback exercise by standing in a split lunge with the front knee bent and back leg straight.  Hold a single dumbbell with the right hand.  Using the left hand on your knee for support, bring the right elbow in line with the shoulder so that the elbow is at a 90 degree angle for this tricep kickback exercise movement.  Using the tricep muscle, extend the forearm and dumbbell straight back to bring the arm into one straight line parallel with the ground.  

    Maintain a tight core during this tricep exercise and keep your focus forward.  This is a great tricep exercise for tightening and strengthening the back of the arms.  Women in particular can benefit from having strong triceps to balance a typically stronger bicep muscle.

    Julie Lohre, Women’s Fitness Expert demonstrates how to do a Tricep Kickback with Dumbbells. 


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