Spicy Guacamole

    During the summer, one of my favorite quick and easy foods is guacamole!  Add in a handful of baby carrots and celery and you have a fantastic snack packed with healthy fats.  I experiment with this one a little each time I make it and this recipe has become a staple at my house.  Enjoy!

    Spicy Guacamole

    Spicy Guacamole
    2 Ripe Avocados
    1 Diced Roma Tomato
    1 Diced Small Red Onion
    1 Lime
    ½ Lemon
    2 TBSP Cilantro
    ½ tsp Cayanne Pepper (more for spicier)
    ½ tsp Salt (optional)

    Pit and peel the avocados.  Mash thoroughly with a fork or masher.   Toss in Roma tomato and onion.  Squeeze lime and lemon juice into mixture.  Combine cilantro, cayenne pepper and salt to taste.  Mix thoroughly and enjoy!

    Makes 4 servings
    Nutritional Info per Serving
    Calories – 124
    Protein – 2 g
    Carbs – 8 g
    Fiber – 6 g
    Healthy Fats – 10.5 g

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