Perk up your pecs – Chest workout for women!


    As women, we often assume that there is little need to work chest because, well, the girls are there to makeup for any lack of muscle.  What we fail to realize is that strong pecs can give you a lift and a nice perky appearance. It is critical to include a chest workout for women that want more shape and lift!  Cable Cross Overs work the pec muscles in a safe and smooth way.  Be sure to make these a part of your regular workout routine.

    Cable-Cross-OverCable Cross Overs

    How to do it:

    The cable cross over is performed using the cable pulley machine that has a pulley on two opposite sides.

    Set each pulley up so that it is locked in the high position.

    While standing, grab each high pulley using a small one-hand attachment for each hand.

    The position your body will be in will look like a giant letter “T.”

    Slowly bring your arms together in a slow and controlled fashion.

    While doing so, visualize that you are hugging a giant tree trunk.

    At the peak of this movement, really flex your pec muscles together for a one-count and then return to the start position and repeat.

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