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Online Training Transformation

    Congratulations to online training client Kelly K on her 8 week Online Training Transformation!  Kelly is the perfect example of what is possible with Online Training!  In 8 weeks, she has lost 7 lbs on the scale while gaining muscle and decreasing her waist measurement by 1.5 inches!  Most impressive are her Fit Test results.  With 2 months of training together, Kelly has taken her strict pushups from 14 up to 36, decreased her mile run time from 10:03 to 7:44 and improved her sit and reach test flexibility by 3 inches.

    All of this while following a reasonable nutrition plan between 1700-1900 calories per day while weight training 4-5 times per week with 3-4 short cardio sessions per week. An online training transformation take a lot of hard work and dedication, but incredible results really are possible!

    Kelly’s Online Training Transformation
    Week One – Week Eight

    Online Training Transformation Julie Lohre

    Kelly’s Online Training Transformation
    Week One – Week Sixteen

    Online Training Before and AfterOnline Training Before and After Side View

    Are you ready to take your fitness to a whole new level and committed to making your own online training transformation?

    In 2 training sessions, the average woman taking part in Julie Lohre’s Online Personal Training program DOUBLES the # of strict pushups she can do, decreases 1 mile run times by 2 mins, 30 seconds and increases their sit and reach flexibility by 3 inches.

    Results speak for themselves…
    Talk about stronger, faster & more flexible!

    Online Personal Training for Women

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