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    How Fit Are You

    Did you know that your fitness level in your 30’s & 40’s is strongly correlated to your long term health and mortality rates?  Find out your fitness level with the FITBODY Online Fitness Test now.  According to Dr. Jarett D. Berry, assistant professor of internal medicine and cardiology at Southwestern Medical School who has extensively studied the matter, “how fast you can run in midlife is very strongly associated with heart disease risk when you’re old. The exercise you do in your 40s is highly relevant to your heart disease risk in your 80s.”

    But you don’t want to stop there!  While cardiovascular health is a critical part of understanding how fit you are, strength and flexibility play key roles as well.  Maintaining muscle mass and staying limber as we age greatly improves the quality of our lives and keeps us feeling great for years to come.

    Where do you stand?  If you have been wondering how fit you are, it is time to put yourself to the test with my Online Fitness Test.  Whether you have been exercising for years or you are just now making a commitment to a fit & healthy lifestyle, test yourself with these bench marks of strength, flexiblity and cardiovascular endurance.  All benchmarks are based upon women that have participated in the FITBODY Training program with the average age of 35.  So jump in and find out how fit you are!

    Online Fitness Test

    Online Fitness Test #1:  1 Mile Run

    How do to it:  Find a 400-meter track and complete four laps as fast as you can. Begin with five minutes of very light jogging to warm up, then start your watch and go for it. Record your time. The mile is not a sprint, so pace yourself so that you are able to complete the entire mile.

    FITBODY Bench Marks for the 1 Mile Run for Women

    Excellent:  Sub 7:30 min mile
    Above Average: 7:30 – 9 mins
    Average: 9 – 11 mins
    Below Average:  More than 11 mins

    Online Fitness Test #2:  Pushups

    How do to it:  Using Proper Pushup Form, complete as many pushups as possible without resting.  For each pushup, your chest must touch the ground and as you rise to full arm extension, a straight line should be maintained from shoulders to heels.

    FITBODY Bench Marks for the Pushups for Women

    Excellent:  More than 20
    Above Average: 10-20
    Average: 5-10
    Below Average:  Less than 5 

    Online Fitness Test #3:  Sit & Reach Test

    This test measures flexibility in your lower back and hamstrings.
    How do to it: You will need a tape measure and adhesive tape.
    A. Lay the tape measure on the floor and place a piece of adhesive tape across the tape measure at the 15 inch mark.
    B. Without your shoes on, sit on the floor with your heels at the tape line, about 12 inches apart and the zero mark of the ruler toward your body.
    C. Keep your knees completely straight and hands together as you reach forward as far as possible.
    D. Hold the farthest position for 3 seconds. Do not bounce or allow one hand to reach further than the other.
    E. Repeat this test 3 times and record your farthest reach.

    Sit and reach test flexibility

    FITBODY Bench Marks for the Sit & Reach Test for Women

    **Results are recorded with the 15 inch mark being even with your heels

    Excellent:  More than 23 inches
    Above Average: 16-23 inches
    Average: 12-16 inches
    Below Average:  Less than 12 inches

    Online Fitness Test #4:  Long Jump

    How do to it: Using a tape measure, line out 7 feet on the ground. Stand with your feet next to one another at the 0’ mark and take a long bound forward as far as you can. Record your jump length.

    FITBODY Bench Marks for the Long Jump for Women

    Excellent:  More than 65 inches
    Above Average: 50-65 inches
    Average: 40-50 inches
    Below Average:  Less than 40 inches

    Ready to take your fitness to a whole new level?  In 2 training sessions, the average woman taking part in Julie Lohre’s Online Personal Training program DOUBLES the # of strict pushups she can do, decreases 1 mile run times by 2 mins, 30 seconds and increases their sit and reach flexibility by 3 inches.

    Results speak for themselves…
    Talk about stronger, faster & more flexible!

    Online Personal Training for Women

    Online Personal Training for Women

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