O.C.R. Obstacle Course Race

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    What is O.C.R.?

    O.C.R. (OCR) is an acronym standing for Obstacle Course Race. While the name implies racing, it encompasses everything from “fun runs” to all out racing against the clock or AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) around a course. When you want to know about training for an obstacle course race, you should know they go by many names.  Other names from general to “branded by company” – Mud Run, Fun Run, Muddy Buddy, Death Run, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash…and the list goes on and on. O.C.R.’s are a fun way to get outside, exercise, and share in fitness with a large group of like minded individuals.

    OCR stands for Obstacle Course Race

    Who is it for?

    People who love leading active lifestyles and are looking to find a fun way to participate in a fitness event or simply get out and enjoy the outdoors and some fitness with family or friends. Many people look at O.C.R.’s as an opportunity to be competitive and many compete multiple times a year. Others simply attend with family and/or friends for a fun weekend activity. Participation ages range from 5 to 95…and sometimes you’ll even see a toddler race! I have ran races as an individual, part of a team, with a group of fitness friends, and even as a family with my husband and son. They’ve all challenged me in different ways and I loved them all.

    FITBODY’s Julie Lohre Running the Spartan Race OCR

    Obstacle Course Race…
    Never say – “It’s Not For Me”

    Here’s why it IS for you!

    I often hear varying reasons as to various excuses people give for not joining in on the fun…

    “I can’t run”

    “I don’t do races”

    “I’ll finish last”

    “I’ll hold up the pack”

    “I won’t finish”

    Here’s what I say to these excuses…

    No one says you have to RUN the whole course. Just getting out there and being on course having fun is the point. For most races, there will be 200 meters to about 1/4 of a mile between obstacles, so you never really end up running long distances.  

    Neither do a lot of participants. Notice I didn’t say athlete or racer or runner…this is an event where you can be as competitive as you want to be, or simply not competitive at all. It’s all about fun and being active.

    Who cares if you finish last. Just finish the Obstacle Course Race. The mental high and self esteem from simply crossing the finish line is well worth it. A feeling of success breeds confidence and can do wonders for your psyche. Seriously, this is for many, their first start to leading a lifelong active lifestyle. Give it a go. There isn’t really a “last place,” in many races waves of 100+ people go off all day long. No one necessarily has any idea what wave you were in when you cross the finish line. Go fast…Take it slow. It’s your call. Believe me, other people are in your same shoes and you’ll likely hear more cheering that you ever thought. I’ve NEVER heard anyone boo or laugh at someone at these events. EVER.

    You may be a slower go, but if you complete the obstacle course race with a team of friends, everyone will be there for you regardless of your speed. Team participants often have the most fun as they help each other push beyond what they thought they could achieve. Working together with others elevates everyone, regardless.  While you may be physically less fit, you will be teaching others how to offer help and work as a team. Don’t look at your fitness level as a shortcoming, look at it as an opportunity to help others learn to work as a team.

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