My Fitness Why

    There are so many reasons that women choose to workout, choose to eat healthy and choose to strive for more with their fitness.  I have talked with women of all walks of life for years about fitness and the reasons why living a fit and healthy lifestyle is important to them. What I have found is that living this healthy lifestyle is about sooo much more than how you look or winning any type of trophy. I love how diverse the reasons are for all the hard work and sweat that goes into their workouts.  Not to mention the self control they exhibit with a healthy, balance way of eating.

    Below, check out some of the stories from women like you that make their own fitness as well as the health and fitness of their whole family a priority.  Click the photo link to read more about each woman and her particular “my fitness why”.

    Kathryn Fauver My Fitness Why

    Melissa Jackson My Fitness Why

    Darlene Barrett My Fitness Why

    Erin Boyd My Fitness Why

    Katherine Rose My Fitness Why

    Kelly Kincaid My Fitness Why

    Nicole Szynski My Fitness Why

    Tamara Sutila My Fitness Why

    Julie Lohre My Fitness Why

    Chris Trimpey My Fitness Why

    Deena Gindling My Fitness Why

    Jennifer Jacobs My Fitness Why

    Katherine White My Fitness Why

    Lauren Becker My Fitness Why

    Sarah Hnath My Fitness Why

    Tiffany Jones My Fitness Why

    Chelsea Fugate My Fitness Why

    Carrie Weisbecker My Fitness Why

    Dana Taggart My Fitness Why

    Elisa Cooper My Fitness Why

    Jonelle Baglia My Fitness Why

    Makayla Florence My Fitness Why

    Stacey Beers My Fitness Why

    Jessie King My Fitness Why

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