Mother’s Day Fitness Special

    Our FITBODY News Mother’s Day Fitness Special holds a very special place in my heart.  I love working with moms who strive to get in amazing shape but also set a positive example for their families and in particular their daughters.  One woman that I have worked with for quite some time in my Online Personal Training program and that continue to inspire everyone she meets is this issues Cover Model, Alexis Fourman.    Alexis is featured on the cover of this months FITBODY News Magazine Mother’s Day Fitness Special along with her daughter Addisyn.  I caught with FITBODY fit mom, Alexis Fourman to find out how she balances everything.

    Cover of Julie Lohre's women's fitness magazine FITBODY News

    Julie Lohre’s women’s fitness magazine FITBODY News

    How many children do you have and what are their ages?
    I have two Children, Addisyn, 8 and Landon, 5

    How do you balance everything you have going on?  Teaching, training, being a mom, fitness, etc…
    Planning and support help me balance my personal and family life.  My husband, Jeff, and I have supported each other in our health, fitness and nutrition since college and it didn’t stop when we got married, began our careers, and started a family.  As our life continues to get busier with each year, we have learned to communicate more, plan out our weeks’ activities, meals, and workout schedules.  We share a calendar on our phone which is AMAZING and we typically train together.  Since this is the life our children have known since they were infants they embrace it and don’t really know anything different.  They come to our workout classes with us three times a week and when we are training in our basement they are either right beside us making up their own workout or playing with their friends.  

    How important is fitness to your family?
    Fitness is very important to me and my family.  Being a full-time teacher, part-time personal trainer/fitness instructor, mother, wife and friend, life gets busy and I get exhausted.  Fitness keeps me energized, is a great stress relief and keeps me mentally strong.  As for my family, my children don’t have to be the best athletes or play a particular sport, but they need to be active and understand why being mentally and physically strong is important. Jeff and I encourage our children to ride their bikes in races with us, walk our dog, play outside with neighborhood children, and be active in physical sports they enjoy or want to try.  I also strongly believe that fitness (internal and external competition) helps people develop skills in other areas of their life.  It teaches them to persevere, take pride in their efforts, and to have a growth mindset.

    How has your family been shaped or effected by your fitness efforts?  
    I think my efforts in fitness have had an impact on all my family member in one way or another.  When I started participating in running and obstacle course races I encouraged everyone to join me and this led to my aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, nieces, nephews, friends and grandmothers participating in local Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving  Day, Breast Cancer Walks,and etc.  My children just ran in a small 1/2 mile fun run last Sunday and they were so excited to be a part of something they see their parents and other adults do, those little eyes are always watching.  

    What advice do you have for other mom’s that don’t know where to begin?
    As I flood this article with all the positive reasons to be active and how wonderful it has been for my family, please know that like everything else in life it does take effort, time, and a vision.  Where I am today is not where I was last year, let alone 5-10 years ago.  I had a vision and goal to be a healthy and active female.  I have set backs like everyone else, but my goals help me stay focused and get better with each new day.  Things that were difficult last year have become a habit and are now easy, like meal planning.  
    So my ultimate advice is to first create a vision or goal for yourself and then make a plan to achieve those goals.  Start small with a big picture in mind and DON’T STOP!  One bad day or week does not dictate your month or year, just keep being better than the day before.  

    Mother's Day Fitness Special

    Mother’s Day Fitness Special

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