Julie Lohre Fit at 40

    Recently, I was featured as the Cover Model for Gorgo Women’s Fitness Magazine!  It is such an honor to continue to be recognized as a face of fitness in the media… especially now that I have turned 40!

    Yes, that is right.  I know as women we are not supposed to share our age, but I am proud of it!  40 is amazing!  I feel strong, healthy and have more balance today than I have ever had in my life. Below is an interview by Jill Hardy.  I hope you enjoy hearing more about me, my back ground and what is next!

    Julie Lohre FITBODY News MagazineIFBB Fitness professional and women’s fitness expert Julie Lohre’s life has always had an emphasis on activity. As a child, she competed in gymnastics, cheerleading and diving, but it was the prospect of motherhood that served as a turning point in her fitness journey as an adult.

    “I decided that natural childbirth was the way I wanted to go and knew I needed to be in great shape to be able to do that,” Julie says. “I worked out moderately through my pregnancy and was blessed with a long but uneventful labor and a beautiful baby boy.”

    Julie’s get-strong approach to pregnancy and childbirth gave her a head start when her interest turned towards figure and fitness competitions.

    “During those first few weeks after my son’s birth, I saw a Fitness America competition on television and thought, ‘I can do that!’”

    Julie Lohre Cover Gorgo Women's Fitness Magazine

    Julie Lohre Fit at 40 – Gorgo Women’s Fitness Magazine Cover Model

    Julie discovered that an NPC qualifying show would be held near her home a few months later, and decided to compete. To her surprise, she won her figure class and the overall despite being only five months postpartum and still breastfeeding. A year and a half later, Julie went pro, and began a career that ultimately totaled 25 shows (including two Fitness Olympias and the Arnold Fitness International) most of which featured her placing in the top five.

    Since retiring from competition, Julie has drawn on her own initial experience to fuel the secondary passion her fitness and figure career inspired; coaching.

    Julie explains “My goal for every women I work with is that eventually, they will take what they have learned in our time together and forge out on their own as a lifelong FITBODY success story.  I am so happy to see my client’s get to the “I LOVE MY BODY” place this lifestyle has led her to!

    Julie Lohre with Clients “When I began competing, there were very few people around me that understood what I was doing and I had to search far and wide to figure out the nuances of preparing for a show,” Julie relates. “That experience inspired me to bring together women with the same goal for support and motivation through the process.”

    In 2007 Julie started Team FITBODY, her competition team program.

    “Twice a year, I hold a twelve week team program where women work directly with me for their training, nutrition and cardio programs, along with group meetings every three weeks.” Julie explains. “We cover everything from final week competition details, tanning, suit selection, goal setting, motivation, hair and makeup for stage to cardio techniques and nutrition tips and tricks.”

    Posing clinics and mock competitions help participants develop a level of comfort with the ins and outs of competing, and Julie reports that women who go through the program consistently tell her that they felt like seasoned competitors on stage.

    Julie’s commitment to helping make figure and fitness competition accessible for those who desire it is further evidenced in her creation of, a website devoted to linking women with gently used competition suits with those who are in the market for one, but don’t want to break the bank.

    “One thing that has bothered me for a long time is the expense of bikini and figure competition suits,” Julie says. “I understand…it takes a lot to make an incredible suit. But why should a great competition suit be worn just a handful of times and then set aside? At I connect women that have used suits to sell with women that need a great suit for stage. It only makes sense! I want to help women save money and find beautiful suits to help make their competition dreams come true.”

    2014 FITBODY Contest Prep Team

    Julie Lohre with her FITBODY Contest Prep Team at the NPC Derby Classic

    Although Julie shines at preparing competitors for the stage, at least half of her clients are women who simply want to get in great shape, and adopt a fit lifestyle. The same love of fitness—and understanding of its importance—that gives her a great edge at prepping competitors also fuels her enthusiasm for helping women get strong for everyday life.

    “Seeing women achieve their fitness goals and dreams is what inspires me the most. Reaching a healthy lifestyle. Seeing the positive impact they have on their families, friends and the people around them. It is wonderful to get to a healthy weight or to step on stage, but that really is just a small part of it. The self confidence women achieve when they realize how strong they are…that is what inspires me.”

    In addition to Julie’s enthusiasm and genuine devotion to her clientele, another hallmark of her coaching is delicious food. Her websites ( and contain several yummy recipes, and her penchant for making nutrition enjoyable led to the publication of the “I Can Eat That? FITBODY Recipe Book”.

    “It drives me crazy when women are told to eat five ounces of boiled chicken with five asparagus spears,” Julie says. “There is no reason you can’t get the body of your dreams AND eat healthy, wholesome food that nourishes and energizes you.”

    Creative coaching with a focus on lifelong sustainability is Julie’s goal, and the testimonies of her clients (which you can read at are proof that her years of experience and study have been paired with the most valuable resource of all; a genuine love for both the process, and the people involved.

    “As much as I loved competing,” Julie says, “I love helping people achieve their dreams even more.”

    Julie Lohre Fit at 40

    By Jill Hardy,

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