Health Food Myth – Smoothie Secrets Revealed

    What's in your smoothie? Would you be better off with a Snickers Bar? You may be surprised...

    Don’t be fooled. Simply having a smoothie, while a nice treat, can sometimes be downright devastating to your efforts to eat healthy.

    While I agree, fruits, veggies & protein sometimes need to be “spiced up” by creating recipes that change the way we eat those nutritious foods. All too often though, people equate having a “smoothie” with being a healthy alternative to other whole food options.

    While we were at a local health club this week, my son pointed out to me the calories on some of the post workout smoothies.  Even those 16 oz smoothies that claimed to be “Fat Burning Smoothies” had as much as 493 calories!!! Not to mention 84 grams of sugar, which is nearly the same amount of sugar in TWO King Size Snicker’s Bars. I just had to snap a photo of the nutrition info.

    Smoothie Nutritional Information

    Julie Lohre – Smoothie Myths Revealed

    Many people will say, “Well it’s Fructose not HFCS, so it’s healthy sugar.” Really? I will agree it may spike your insulin levels less, but it’s still 336 calories just from sugar alone in this drink.

    For a much healthier option vs. this smoothie check out my recipe for a Protein Berry Smoothie.

    The key is to ALWAYS read the nutritional content and educate yourself about what you are eating. Never assume that since something SAYS it’s healthy, that it actually is.

    It’s up to you to take control. Eating smart is a lifestyle.

    Julie Lohre - Smoothie Myths Revealed

    Julie Lohre – Smoothie Myths Revealed

    It’s up to you to know what’s in your food.

    Julie Lohre

    Oxygen Magazine Cover Model

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