Fitness Must Haves

    Whether you are just getting into fitness or have been around a gym or two… there are some fitness tools that are must haves to make the most of the journey!  Being in the fitness field for most of my adult life, there are a number of tools that I continue to use and see as essential in staying healthy and keeping fit.

    I have tried and tested countless products that have helped me get workouts in on the road, increase flexibility, help keep my nutrition on point and keep me accountable.

    Here are some of my favorites that will help you on your journey!  

    Fitness Essentials #1

    Comfortable Workout Gear


    Whether you’re working out at your home gym, local gym or simply running in the city…having workout gear that fits your body and is comfortable is  key.  Shoes that hurt when you run, a bra that rubs when you lift or pants that are thick and bulky can make working out downright a pain.  While you don’t have to go all out and spend a lot of money, investing in clothes that make your workout enjoyable will give you reason to keep it up.

    Fitness Essentials #2

    Hardware & Tech


    While a device or technology gadget can’t MAKE you fit, it can aid in your journey.  Keeping track of activity levels, workout intensity, running distance or simply keeping track of your calories, these essentials just scrape the surface of how tech can help us stay healthy and fit.

    Fitness Essentials #3

    Recovery and stretching


    Going hard at it in your journey to fitness often means you need a little time for recovery.  Whether that means spending time on flexibility, working through muscle tension or spending time releasing trigger points, these tools can help.

    Fitness Essentials #4

    FITBODY Favorites


    These are just a few of my favorites from my store at
    I love Beverly International products and use two as staples to my supplement regimen.  My FITBODY tank is one of my favorite pieces of workout wear.  not only is the saying super true for me, it’s also an unbelievably comfortable top to work out in.  It gets a lot of comments when I’m out too. 😉

    Fitness Essentials #5

    Full out home gym equipment


    Sometimes getting to the gym is difficult…whether it’s a newborn…location…or other reason – there’s no excuse for not getting in your fitness.  From a full on home gym to the simplest of tools. Consider these options to bring the gym to your home.

    Keep checking back here for more of my Fitness Essentials recommendations…


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