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FITBODY Stretching Plan for Women

    So, we have all heard that a solid stretching plan is simply part of a good overall fitness routine, but why?  Well, according to the pro’s at the Mayo Clinic, better flexibility (which you can gain from a good stretching plan) may improve your performance in physical activities or decrease your risk of injuries by helping your joints move through their full range of motion and enabling your muscles to work most effectively.  The right stretching plan also increases blood flow to the muscle.

    Stretching exercise practices like Yoga also help relax muscles, and your mind so you stress less. The feeling of well-being, and vitality you will notice as a result of a regular flexibility routine can provide many important health benefits.  A stretching plan is not just a part of a workout, it can be a workout by itself.

    In order to increase your flexibility and reduce the chance of injury, I highly recommend that you include one of the below stretching plans before any workout.  Also, complete the following stretches after a 3-5 min warm up.

    Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds and repeat as needed. 

    Never ‘bounce’ in a stretch, go to where you feel the stretch, but where it is not painful. 

    For best results, repeat the stretches at the end of your workout as well. 

    I like to determine which stretching plan is most appropriate based on the exercises you do that day.

    Leg Day Stretching Plan

    Include this stretching regiment on any workout day that you have legs or glutes involved in your training.


    Non-Leg Day Stretching Plan

    Include this stretching regiment on any workout day that does not include legs or glutes.


    Neck Rotation 
    Inch Worms (10 total) 
    Chest Bicep Opener Stretch 
    Tricep Stretch 
    Standing Hamstring Stretch 
    Across Body Shoulder Stretch 
    Inner Thigh Stretch
    Shoulder Rotation

    Julie Lohre Sampson-Stretch

    Sampson Stretch with Shoulder Opener

    Julie Lohre Figure Four Glute Stretch

    Figure Four Glute Stretch

    Julie Lohre Quad Stretch

    Quad Stretch

    Looking for a workout plan to take you to the next level?

    Julie Lohre introduces the FITBODY Lifestyle Program

    Julie Lohre introduces the FITBODY Lifestyle Program

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