Feel great naked…

    Have you heard the extensive list of reasons why women should be lifting weights, but are still worried that you will get too bulky?  

    Maybe you have been shying away from the weight room because you don’t want to look like a man?  

    Well, fear not!  The truth is, as a woman, you simply do not produce enough testosterone or human growth hormone to build a masculine body.  Our genetic structure and natural hormone profiles make it more difficult for women to build.  Don’t be disillusioned that after just a few weight training sessions you will become a She-Hulk!    

    That said, it is possible to shape your physique into an amazing, lean FITBODY.  

    Since women gain muscle more slowly than men, it takes a lot of hard work to get the lean, defined look of a fitness model. The good news is that there are significant benefits to weight training that go far beyond just gaining muscle.

    Julie Lohre - Look Great Naked

    Benefits of Weight Training for Women

    You will burns tons of calories and boosts your basal metabolic rate (known as the weight training after burn) allowing you to burn more calories throughout the whole day. Women with a higher muscle mass can eat more calories everyday and maintain their weight.
    Weigh training builds bone density and prevents metabolic decline that comes with age.
    A strong back, shoulders and core improve your posture and decrease back/neck pain.
    If you are looking to reduce stress, anxiety and decrease depression, weight training will give you a significant boost.  You will literally feel better and lighter after a great sweat session.
    Weight training helps decrease your overall body fat percentage giving you a tighter, harder, more defined look.
    Did I mention a healthier heart?  Getting your heart pumping with strength training, women see increases in their HDL cholesterol and a decrease in their resting heart rate.  All signs of a healthy heart.
    With time, strength training builds tight, firm muscle giving you shape and definition… not bulk!


    So, yes, weight training will change our body and improve our health, but the bonus that most women don’t count on is how a tight, lean body can make them feel.  

    After a great weight workout your body releases endorphins that make you feel good, give you power and a strong boost of confidence.  You will feel better in all areas of your life and your self esteem will sky rocket.  And NOTHING is sexier than a confident woman.  

    Now go, hit the weights and feel great naked!

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