Easy Turkey Chili Recipe

    Healthy & Easy Turkey Chili Recipe

    If you are looking for the perfect fall/winter recipe, look no further than my favorite easy turkey chili recipe.  I love this super lean, protein and fiber packed dish!  It’s fabulous, healthy and this easy turkey chili recipe can be ready in less than 30 mins.  Pair it with your favorite high fiber spaghetti or low cal tofu noodles for a real treat!easy turkey chili recipeMakes 4 servings

    1 pound 93% Lean Ground Turkey
    2-3 Large Whole Tomatoes (diced) or 1 can diced tomatoes
    1 can (16 ounce) Dark Red Kidney Beans (undrained)
    2 White Onions (Diced)
    2 Green Peppers (Deseeded and Diced)
    4 tsp finely chopped jalapeno peppers (optional)
    3 TSBP Chili Powder
    1 tsp Garlic Powder
    1 tsp Onion Powder
    1/2 tsp ground Cumin
    Salt and Pepper to taste

    1. Brown turkey in a large pot until no longer pink and throughly cooked.  Drain turkey well and blot using paper towels to remove excess fat. **If you would like very lean turkey, you can rinse the meat with very hot water just after cooking at this point.
    2. Add diced onions, peppers, and jalapeños and cook until onions and peppers are soft.
    3. Add tomatoes and kidney beans along with all spices. Stir throughly.
    4. Allow to simmer for 10-15 mins stirring frequently.

    Easy Turkey Chili Recipe

    Nutritional Information

    Calories:  332
    Protein:  30 g
    Carbs: 30 g
    Fiber: 9 g
    Fat:  9 g

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