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    FITBODY Magazine Cover Model Brandie McCluskey doesn’t just have beauty and brains at 40… This driven law professor has the determination to make the impossible possible encouraging women to find strength from within!  Check out our Cover Model Confidential for the latest FITBODY News Magazine!

    Tell us about your fitness journey…


    My fitness journey begin very young.  I have always been active in some sort of sports.  In my early twenties I begin taking yoga and later became a yoga instructor.  I practiced six days a week and really enjoyed my practice.  I lifted weights but it was not until my early thirties when I begin to lift much more.  I found weight training a challenge and wanted to evolve, so I decided to compete in my very first Bikini competition.  After my first competition, I competed in second Bikini competition.  At this point, I wanted to continue to advance.  As a result, that is when I first met Julie.  She helped my prepare for my first figure competition.  Julie has been an amazing coach, an amazing inspiration, and an amazing person. 

    What has helped you the most along the way?


    My husband, my family, my friends, and my two little dogs have been my support system.  I have been so blessed to have such wonderful people to surround myself with.  My husband has been my rock and has been by my side every step of the way.  In preparing for competitions, modeling events, and shows my husband has always encouraged me in so many ways.  I could not have done so without him by my side.

    What challenges have you faced in trying to reach your goals?


    I begin modeling at a young age.  The only way I knew how to stay thin was to eat very little and to overwork my body.  At the age of thirty-eight I was signed as an international model.  A part of me was so excited for the opportunity.  On the other hand, I knew that meant I had to photo shoot ready at any time.  That for me has been a struggle because in my past to get photo shoot ready meant less calories, a lot of time in the gym, and lots of cardio.  Julie has taught me that I can stay fit year around and take in 2,000 calories or more and still maintain my weight which I never thought was possible.

    What advice do you have for a woman that is struggling finding a healthy balance in their lives?


    Balance comes from within.  I believe you have to be ready, willing, and dedicated to your goals to change your life.  More often than not life gets hectic, so we have to slow down and take time for ourselves just to be who we want to be.  Each day I like to take time for myself just to sit and breath even its for a minute or two.  During this time I like to focus on my goals, focus on what I want to aspire to, and focus on what I want to achieve.  I believe anything is possible if we are willing to put in the work.  My goal is to be the healthiest version of myself.  In order to do this I must be and remain balanced.

    Julie Lohre FITBODY
    Julie Lohre & Brandie McCluskey

    Brandie Luevano Fitness Model

    What role has weight training played in your life?


    I LOVE WEIGHT TRAINNG!  I train five days a week and I have for many years.  It makes me feel strong and empowered.  As a trainer myself, I feel weight training is key to changing your body and your mind set.  It is one of the best physical activities you can do for your body.

    Favorite Healthy Recipe?


    My favorite breakfast meal is protein pancakes with peanut butter.  I will take these over the traditional pancakes any day.​

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