Best Running Shoe for Women

    What are the Best Running Shoes for Women?

    As a long time lifter, I have always appreciated those that could run for miles, but never really focused on that area of my fitness.  In fact, for years, I would testify that I ‘hated’ running and became resigned to the fact that my body simply was not built for distance.  After 3 ACL replacements and certainly some lingering cartilage issues, running generally lead to a lot of aches and pains in the following days.  

    Lately though, I have taken a new look at the importance of running and cardiovascular endurance in an overall FITBODY lifestyle.  What I have quickly come to realize is that having the best running shoes for women can significantly impact your ability to make running enjoyable.  For most women, wearing the wrong kind of running shoes will quickly lead to aches and pains that will definitely kill your running joy.  

    How can a woman find great running shoe when you have knee issues?  The first thing to look for is cushion.  When you have bad knees, an hour pound the pavement can be torture.  I first look for a running shoe with plenty of cushion to properly pad each foot strike.  

    Second, you want to determine what level of support you will need.  I have a medium arch, not too high, not too low, so I am looking for a running shoe with medium support and a decent amount of stability.

    Finally, call me crazy, but I want a shoe that looks as good as it feels.  

    About 2 weeks ago, I found the Brooks Running Ghost 9.  These babies are surprisingly light for the amount of cushion they have.  From the moment I put them on, I was impressed with how cradled my foot felt.  These running shoes for women are supportive, yet give me a good amount of energizing rebound with each step.  

    But, the real test is how my knees felt after a run.  I am happy to report that with the Brooks Running Ghost 9, my knees have never felt better post-run.  It does take a little time to break them in though.  My first run was solid, but these shoes seems to be getting better with each subsequent run.  

    You can pick up a pair of the Brooks Ghosts for just under $120 too… an investment for sure, but totally worth the cost.  

    What is so special about the Brooks Ghost 9 as running shoe for women?  Here is what the people at Brooks Running had to say:

    Brooks Ghost 9

    Dynamically adapts to every step and stride

    Accommodates any foot landing and delivers smooth transitions

    Optimize flexibility for a smooth ride

    Provides structure or stretch where needed and enhances breathability

    Bottomline:  The Brooks Ghost 9 is a great investment if you are looking for a good running shoe whether you have knee or joint problems or just want a softer ride.  Lots of cushion, lightweight, really supportive and a lot of energy coming off the ground.  Give them a little time to break in and enjoy the super cute color schemes. 

    Best Running Shoe for Women

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