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Beverly Supplement Review

    I recently heard from Julie Marzheuser about her experience about the Beverly International Supplements she used for her powerlifting meet.  Congratulations Julie on your incredible meet and thank you for the Beverly Supplement Review!

    Hey Julie!

    Julie Marzheuser Supplement Review
    The powerlifting meet went really well and I think a lot of it had to do with the Beverly International supplements! I took a scoop of Beverly International Muscle Synergy while I was doing my warm-ups for each event and then a scoop of Beverly International Glutamine Select right after each event with my small meals and I felt great. I don’t know if I was just more prepared than I thought I was or if the addition of the Synergy and Glutamine Select are to credit, but I completely under-estimated my strength for my 3rd attempt maxes on both the squat and deadlift, actually surprising myself on how easy they both went up! I somehow could’ve easily done another 20-30lbs more on each of those lifts. I truly think the supplements were a major factor in how great I felt on every lift for each event that day. I actually had to shorten my training cycle due to a lower back injury during week 3 (lifted with my back on a heavy deadlift day…stupid :-/ ) so I wasn’t expecting great numbers or easy lifts. So performing well and feeling as good as I felt throughout that day was better than I hoped! Easily hitting 8 out of my 9 lifts made for a good powerlifting meet in my book!
    Thank you for the recommendations on supplements and responding so quickly each time I had a question about them!! I greatly appreciate everything and will definitely be keeping them as part of my workout supplement routine!
    Thanks so much!
    Julie Marzheuser
     Julie Marzheuser Supplement ReviewJulie Marzheuser Supplement Review

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