6 Tips to Avoid the Halloween Sugar Crash

    Happy Halloween!   I wanted to talk a bit about this fun but certainly over sugared holiday and to give you my 6 Tips to Avoid the Halloween Sugar Crash.  Avoiding Halloween candy is hard…okay, REALLY hard.  If you are the kind of person that can truly have just a piece or two, great!  For all of you moderators, include those calories in your daily macros and move on.  

    However, for those abstainers (who find that a single piece quickly becomes the whole bowl) I want to make sure you have all the tools needed to avoid any Halloween weight gain.  I have compiled 6 sure ways to limit your sugary sweets intake and prevent you from waking up the next morning feeling like Frankenstein!

    6 Tips to Avoid the Halloween Sugar Crash

    1.  Halloween Tip #1:  Procrastinate!
    Procrastinating is not usually a good trait but in this case wait until last minute to buy any Halloween candy and make sure to buy only candy that doesn’t tempt you. By waiting until the last minute you won’t have it in the house when that late night sugar craving starts calling.  

    2.  Halloween Tip #2: Have a Candy Plan 
    Just like anything else, having a plan or course of action will help control damage.  If you want to have just a bit, then make a rule that you will have no more than 2 fun size pieces (roughly 100 calories) and plan them into your Halloween day.  Then you can throughly enjoy those pieces without feeling sick to your stomach.

    3.   Halloween Tip #3:  Get Full First
    Be sure to eat full meals all of Halloween day and consider treating yourself to a high protein dessert if you have a sugar craving.  I LOVE making my high protein chocolate chip cookies to munch on while I pass out candy.  

    4.   Halloween Tip #4:  Toss in a little fitness!
    Make a family fitness game out of answering the door for the Trick-or-Treaters.  Here’s a few examples:

    • Disney Princess = 30 Second Plank
    • Minion = 20 Jumping Jacks
    • Cowboy = 20 Burpees
    • Witch = 10 Body weight Squats
    • Super Hero = 15 Push-ups

    5.  Halloween Tip #5:  Get rid of the leftovers!
    I mean it, get them out of your house.  Say good bye and be done.  But whatever you do, don’t bring them to work, it will still be at your disposal not to mention it will do your co-workers a favor too!  For my son, I help him sort his candy into the pieces he actually likes (and an amount that is reasonable) then we donate the rest to a local charity.  Many Soup Kitchens will take Halloween candy.

    6.  Halloween Tip #6:  Consider the consequences.
    For a 150lb person to work off these 6 FUN SIZE treats it would take 343 burpees!  So when you go for one of those cute little M&M packs think to yourself this is 75 burpees and decide then if it seems worth it.  (Equivalency information found at

    6 Tips to Avoid the Halloween Sugar Crash

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