4th of July Watermelon Cake

    Jonelle Baglia came up with the most fabulous recipe for a ‘cake’ that not only tastes great, but is hardly a splurge!  Check out the 4th of July Watermelon Cake!  This 4th, celebrate your independence for heavy desserts that weigh you down and expand your waist line.  This cool treat will have everyone coming back for seconds!

    4th of July Watermelon Cake

    Use a small to medium watermelon.
    Cut off both ends to flatten both sides, then stand it up on one of the flat ends and cut down along the sides removing all of the rind with large knife.
    After all rind is off, use a knife to shape into a nice, round cake shape.
    Frost the top and sides of the watermelon with lite cool whip (in the tub).
    Decorate as desired with your favorite fruit.

    Such a simple concept, but one sure to please kids and adults alike.  Try this out too for a healthy birthday cake!  Jonelle’s 4th of July Watermelon Cake is going to become a fast favorite!  Enjoy!

    4th of July Watermelon Cake

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