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Dancers Leg & Glute Workout

Ready to shape your glutes and get the round, tight booty you have always wanted?  This high rep, dance inspired leg and glute focused…


Considering competing this spring?  Be a part of this incredibly motivating group of women!  Spring team begins on Jan 31st…

Smothered French Toast

Warm and gooey smothered French Toast?  Yes please!  Check out one of my favorite all time favorite healthy recipes!

Fit at 40!

From childbirth to Fitness Olympia to American Ninja Warrior, Julie Lohre is in the best place of her life at 40!

Strawberry UMP

It’s HERE!  UMP Strawberry is now available at  The highest quality protein powder on the market today in the best tasting flavors ever.

Issue 2 - FITBODY News

Julie Lohre - FITBODY News Online Fitness Magazine for Women

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