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Alexis Fourman

Mother’s Day Fitness Special Feature
Alexis Fourman

Our FITBODY News Mother’s Day Fitness Special holds a very special place in my heart.  I love working with moms who strive to get in amazing shape but also set a positive example for their families and in particular their daughters.  One woman that I have worked with for quite some time in my Online Personal Training program and that continue to inspire everyone she meet…

OCR - Obstacle Course Racing - Part 2

Train for your first OCR – PART 2

Ready for a new challenge this summer?  Obstacle Course Races like Spartans, Tough Mudders, & Warrior Dashes take typical 5 or 10K’s to a whole new level and allow women to test their strength, agility and endurance in a really fun way.  Find out all you need to know to start training for your 1st O.C.R.



Being a fit mom is so much more than looking a certain way or having some incredible six pack abs or bikini body.  Fit moms are an example not just to their kids but to everyone around them about the importance of health and fitness…

Front Squats VS Back Squats

Front Squats VS Back Squats

Both front squats and back squats are fantastic exercises for strengthening the whole lower body.  Quads, hamstrings and glutes are all involved.  But determining which is best for you –  Front Squat versus Back Squat – can be a little complicated…

Free ABS Workout!!!


Are you ready for an incredible, FREE Ab Workout for Women that will help you tighten, strength and define your abdominal region?  Want to get a defined stomach, but not sure what exercises will be best?  Here are five great exercises for toning your midsection…

FITBODY Online Training Reviews...

Online Training Reviews…what my clients REALLY think!

Have you been considering working with an Online Personal Trainer, but are worried just how personal” it can be?  Grab a coffee, sit back and check out the online training reviews for my program.  

First thoughts on Beverly International's new flavor for UMP...

VIDEO First thoughts on Beverly International’s new UMP Flavor

Beverly International makes the very highest quality and best tasting protein powder on the market today!   Their new Ultimate Muscle Protein Graham Cracker delivers 20 grams of protein in a 130 calorie scoop with a flavor that will keep you coming back for more.  If you are looking to lose bodyfat as you gain muscle, look no further…

Cover of Julie Lohre's women's fitness magazine FITBODY News

Julie Lohre’s women’s fitness magazine FITBODY News

FITBODY News Women’s Fitness Magazine Cover Model
Alexis Fourman

Ready to take your fitness to a whole new level?  In 2 training sessions, the average woman taking part in Julie Lohre’s Online Personal Training program DOUBLES the # of strict pushups she can do, decreases 1 mile run times by 2 mins, 30 seconds and increases their sit and reach flexibility by 3 inches.

Results speak for themselves…
Talk about stronger, faster & more flexible!

Online Personal Training for Women

Online Personal Training for Women

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