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Nicole Szynski

Losing over 45 lbs and more than 20 inches, Nicole Szynski is an incredible example of what can happen when you commit to a healthy lifestyle for the long term.  For Nicole, fitness has allowed her to become the best version of herself.  Check out how she did it!

Ultimate Arm Workout for Women

Ultimate Arm Workout

Ready to take your arm workout to the next level and get sculpted triceps and biceps?  Check out these 5 must-do exercises that you should be including in your arm training now!

Feel Great Naked

5 Ways to Crave-Proof Your Life

Sure, we all like to have a cookie or a cupcake now and then, but are sugar cravings taking over your life and causing you to feel lethargic and overwhelmed? Find out how you can take control and crave proof your life! 

Low Cal Diets Don't Work

Peanut Butter Muscle Cookies

Who said peanut butter cookies had to be unhealthy and full of fat?  This protein packed peanut butter muscle cookie recipe will fit nicely into your healthy nutrition plan and is sure to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth.  One of Julie’s all time favorite recipes!!!

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Avoid the Workout Cold Snap

Don’t allow hibernation mode to set in this winter. Staying on track with your fitness goals despite the cold weather does not have to be difficult. Here are a few of my favorite ways to stay motivated as the daylight hours dimension and the cold weather ensues.

Step Up Your Cardio!!

Step Up Your Cardio

Few pieces of cardio equipment are better suited to target the glutes than the stepper.  With this Butt Buster Cardio session, you not only get a great cardiovascular workout and burn calories, you will tighten and define your assets in a way that guarantees no boredom!  Each movement is designed to keep your heart pumping and your backside lifting.

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FITBODY News Women’s Fitness Magazine Cover Model
Nicole Szynski

Fitbody Lifestyle Program

Ready to take your fitness to a whole new level?  In 2 training sessions, the average woman taking part in Julie Lohre’s Online Personal Training program DOUBLES the # of strict pushups she can do, decreases 1 mile run times by 2 mins, 30 seconds and increases their sit and reach flexibility by 3 inches.

Results speak for themselves…
Talk about stronger, faster & more flexible!

Online Personal Training for Women

Online Personal Training for Women

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