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Strong, Fit & So Bad Ass
Dr. Sarah Hnath

After persevering through hip surgery, recovery and a lengthy illness, Dr. Sarah Hnath came out the other side with a renewed desire to feel amazing, both inside and out.  With hard work, she has made incredible changes and attained a positive outlook and body image!   Find out how this strong, fit, badass woman is inspiring those around her everyday!

“For me, the goal of competing has nothing to do with placements, trophies, pro cards or ego. It is not a reflection of my worth as a woman. It is a bi-product of living a healthy lifestyle. It is an expression of health, strength, beauty and bad-assery!”

Dirty Little Fitness Secret

Avoid Form Fails:  How to do the perfect pushup

Pushups are one of those truly great benchmarks of strength but it is easy to do them incorrectly.  Find out how to avoid this form fail and build both strength and stamina.

Feel Great Naked

My Fitness Why

There are so many reasons that women choose to workout, choose to eat healthy and choose to strive for more with their fitness.  I have talked with women of all walks of life for years about fitness and the reasons why living a fit and healthy lifestyle is important to them. Get inspired by their ‘why’s’ now!

Low Cal Diets Don't Work

Healthy & Easy Turkey Chili

If you are looking for the perfect fall/winter recipe, look no further than my favorite easy turkey chili recipe.  I love this super lean, protein and fiber packed dish!  It’s fabulous, healthy and this easy turkey chili recipe can be ready in less than 30 mins.

Beverly No Bake Protein Bars

Making a 22%-12% body fat change and MAINTAINING it!

World traveler & athlete, Erin Boyd is always on the hunt for a new adventure. When she decided to take on some serious fitness goals, she turned to Julie Lohre for guidance.  “Even as a lifelong athlete, I had never been trained HOW to plan for optimal results for overall health and wellness. Julie’s approach is straightforward, confident, and professional. Results? I eat more, weigh less. I meditate daily. I now LOVE doing yoga and running. My skin and hair have never looked so good.“  Find out how Erin dropped 10% body fat and has been able to MAINTAIN those results for the long haul.

Free Fitness PhotoShoots

Free Fitness Photoshoot

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a fitness model you simply have to experience a FITBODY Free Fitness Photoshoot!  Check out some of this season’s photos now!

Issue XIV

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FITBODY News Women’s Fitness Magazine Cover Model
Dr. Sarah Hnath

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