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Alexis Fourman

Obstacle Course Race Champion and WNBF Ms. Fitbody Professional athlete, Alexis Fourman shares how training, family, nutrition and faith have impacted her life as an elite athlete.

Dirty Little Fitness Secret

What to Eat Before a Race

Obstacle Course races like the Spartan RaceWarrior Dash and Savage Race require guts, determination and a desire to test your limits.  Preparing for these kind of endurance races takes a good amount of training, but as it gets down to the wire, most people are just not sure what to eat before an obstacle course race.  Find out how best to fuel your body before, during and after an obstacle course race.

Feel Great Naked

Best Running Shoes for Women

As a long time lifter, I have always appreciated those that could run for miles, but resigned myself to the fact that I would just never be a runner.  After 3 ACL knee surgeries, running just hurt!  Lately though, I have taken a new look at the importance of running and cardiovascular endurance in an overall FITBODY lifestyle and learned that the right kind of running shoe…

Low Cal Diets Don't Work

Why Low Cal Diets Don’t Work!

Have you been eating an excessively low cal diet and just can’t lose weight?  Killing yourself trying to maintain less than 1200 calories per day?  Find out why low cal diets don’t work and how you really can eat more to lose weight!

Beverly No Bake Protein Bars

Real Fitness Stories: Brandie Luevano-McCluskey

Law professor, yoga instructor, and fitness model, Brandie Luevano-McCluskey, had tried it all to get to shape she wanted to no avail.  Find out how she beat burn out, dumped hours of daily cardio and said NO to an insanely low calorie diet to find a healthy balance and the body she wanted!

Real Fitness Stories Michelle Burke

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

With the feel of fall in the air, I am craving something warm and filling for breakfast (and dessert!).  My pumpkin pie oatmeal recipe combines some of my seasonal favorites for a fiber packed start to the day.

Issue XIV

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Savage Race Champ & WNBF Ms FITBODY Pro
Alexis Fourman

Butt Workouts for Women

Natural Masters Figure Pro Card Achieved

Legs & Glutes Workout

Ready to get started toward amazing legs & glutes?  Well, I am so excited to share with you my newest immediately downloadable pdf workout – the FITBODY Legs & Glutes Program!  In fact, I wanted to give you a sneak peak at what is involved!  Here you will find for FREE a preview of the FITBODY Legs & Glutes Program and you get my Booty Blasting Workout for FREE!  Download it now!

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Online Personal Training for Women

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