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Sexy Shoulder Workout

5 new moves that will help you build those sexy tank top ready shoulders!  Find the workout here…


Join the most positive, motivating Contest Prep team out there!  Fall Team begins August 15th.  Check out what’s NEW!!!

Healthy Stuffed Zucchini

With summer veggies perfectly in season, this Healthy Stuffed Zucchini recipe from Annie Wright is one that you have to give a try!  With a huge punch of protein and veggies it is oh so good!  

Ms. Natural Kentucky – Julie Parent

Congratulations to Team FITBODY’s Julie Parent on her recent feature in the No Nonsense Magazine! Julie won the title Ms Natural Kentucky and is an incredible athlete and bikini competitor.  For more about Julie’s Bikini Success, check out her story here:  Julie Parent Bikini Competitor

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