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Summer Slim Down!

No More Skinny Fat – Bikini Diet & Supplement Plan

No more skinny fat… How Deena Gindling went from relatively in active to WOW in 6 short months.  Check out her Bikini Competition Diet & Supplement Plan.

Bikini Training & Cardio Plan

With so much information, we thought Deena deserved 2 articles!  Here find out the Bikini Training & Cardio plan that helped get her stage ready!  

Spicy Guacamole!

During the summer, one of my favorite quick and easy foods is guacamole!  Add in a handful of baby carrots and celery and you have a fantastic snack packed with healthy fats. 

Figure Success in 4 Countries

Jonelle Baglia is a real life Superwoman with Figure Success in 4 Countries…  Weapons Specialist in the Air Force, Mother and Wife and WNBF Figure Pro.  She how she did it!

7 Keto Musclean & Lean Out

Summer is here!  Are you trying to shed that last bit of winter body fat but still struggling?  Check out my favorite Summer Slim Down Stack – Beverly International’s 7 Keto Musclean and Lean Out. Find out how they differ and why you might want to use both!

Issue VII - FITBODY News

Julie Lohre - FITBODY News Online Fitness Magazine for Women

FITBODY News Online Fitness Magazine for Women

Julie Lohre - FITBODY News Online Fitness Magazine for Women

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