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Spring Break Issue

Stay Fit on Vacay!

For many of us, Spring is a time to hit the road and enjoy some downtime & sunshine.  No matter where you go, Julie has tips for you to stay fit while still enjoying your vacation!

Cover Model Lauren Becker

Dedication, Focus & Rockin Abs

“I love the feeling of accomplishing a goal, and pushing myself to work as hard as I can.  There’s no way to cheat the process – you get what you work for.  It is very rewarding to see the changes over time”

Fit Pregnancy Do’s & Don’ts!

Being pregnant is one of the most exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting things that can happen to a women and her body.  How do you stay fit while growing a miracle?  It is possible!

One workout to a good mood! 

The old adage is so true, there is a link between exercise and mood.  Next time your feeling blue, close the kitchen and get outside or hit the gym.  Here is why…

When to say when – Should I train a sore muscle?

Leg day.  Well, that says it all.  For driven and hard working women like us, leg day can be a blessing and then the next day a curse.  Find out what to do when sore muscles keep you down!

Beverly International Glutamine Select

Did I mention sore muscles?  Add 2 scoops of Glutamine Select before your toughest workouts to greatly reduce DOMS!  

Issue V - FITBODY News

Julie Lohre - FITBODY News Online Fitness Magazine for Women
Julie Lohre - FITBODY News Online Fitness Magazine for Women

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